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The two hands are used at the same time to examine corresponding structures on opposite sides of the body.


Use of finger and thumb of the same hand.


Use of a single finger.


Use of finger or fingers and thumb from each hand applied simultaneously in coordination.


Lesion limited to a small area


Involves most of an area or segment

Single lesion

One lesion of a particular type with a distinct margin.

Multiple lesion

More than one lesion of a particular type. Lesions may be: separate, coalescing.


Close to each other with margins that merge.


A small(1 cm or less) circumcised lesion with a thin surface covering.


A pustule may be more or less than 5mm. It contains pus; pus gives a yellowish color.


A bulla is a large> 1 cmm. It is filled with fluid, usually mucin or serum, but may contain blood.


A small (pinhead to 5mm), solid lesion that may be pointed, rounded, or flat-topped.


Larger than a papule(> 5mm but <1 cm


2 cm or greater in width, raised hard lesion. In this context, tumor means a general swelling or enlargement.


A slightly raised lesion with a broad, flat top. Usually larger than 5 mm in diameter, with a pasted on appearance.

Pedunculated lesion

Attached by a narrow stalk of pedicle.

Sessile lesion

Has a base as wide as the lesion itself.

Depressed lesion

Below the level of the skin or mucosa. may be raised or flat border around the depression. Depth is described as superficial or deep.

How deep is a deep lesion?

Greater than 3mm deep. Represent loss of continuity of epithelium.


Most depressed lesions.

Characteristics of an ulcer

Center is often gray to yellow, surrounded by a red border.


Circumscribed area not elevated above the surrounding normal tissues.


An outer layer, covering, or scab that may have formed from coagulation or drying of blood, serum, pus, or combination.


Red area of variable size and shape.


Growing outward.




Resembling a small, nipple-shaped projection or elevation


Minute hemorrhagic spots of pinhead to pinpoint size.


Material composed of serum, fibrin, and white blood cells that escapes from blood vessels into an area of inflammation


A loose membranous layer of exudate containing organisms, precipitated fibrin, necrotic cells, and inflammatory cells produced during an inflammatory reaction on the surface of a tissue.


Any mass of tissue that projects outward or upward from the normal surface level.


Marked with points or dots differentiated from the surrounding surface bu color, elevation, or texture.


Rough wart-like

What are the most common oral sites for cancer?

Floor of the mouth, lateral parts of the tongue, lower lip, and soft palate complex.

What are the five basic forms of oral cancer?

White lesions, red areas, ulcers, masses, and pigmentation.

How much time is allowed for oral lesion to heal, before a biopsy is recommended?

2 weeks

Name the nodes palpated for an extraoral exam.

Pre- and post auricular, occipital, submental, submandibular, cervical chain, supraclavicular.

What instrument is used to measure a lesion?


What type of lesion contains fluid and are usually soft and translucent?


What type of lesions are solid and do not contain fluid?


What is a white patch or plaque that cannot be scraped off or characterized as any other disease called?


What term is used to designate lesions of the oral mucosa that appear as bright red patches or plaques that cannot be characterized as any specific disease?


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