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Prokaryotic cells are found in the domain(s) _____.

Bacteria and Archaea

In the five-kingdom system, prokaryotes are placed in the kingdom _____.


A human is classified in domain _____ and kingdom _____.

Eukarya ... Animalia

A rose bush is classified in domain _____ and kingdom _____.

Eukarya ... Plantae

In the five-kingdom system, which kingdom consists primarily of unicellular eukaryotes?


In the two-kingdom system, why were fungi classified in the kingdom Plantae?

They are sedentary.

There is(are) _____ eukaryotic domain(s).


The scientific discipline concerned with naming organisms is called


The various taxonomic levels (viz, genera, classes, etc.) of the hierarchical classification system differ from each other on the basis of

their inclusiveness

Which of these illustrates the correct representation of the binomial scientific name for the African lion?

Panthera leo (both are italicized)

The correct sequence, from the most to the least comprehensive, of the taxonomic levels listed here is

kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genus, and species.

The common housefly belongs to all of the following taxa. Assuming you had access to textbooks or other scientific literature, knowing which of the following should provide you with the most specific information about the common housefly?
genus Musca
class Hexapoda
order Diptera
family Muscidae
phylum Arthropoda

genus Musca

The best classification system is that which most closely

reflects evolutionary history

Which of the following pairs are the best examples of homologous structures?
owl wing and hornet wing
bat forelimb and bird wing
porcupine quill and cactus spine
bat wing and human hand
Australian mole and North American mole

bat wing and human hand

Generally, within a lineage, the largest number of shared derived characters should be found among two organisms that are members of the same


Shared derived characters are most likely to be found in taxa that are


The term that is most appropriately associated with clade is


If birds are excluded from the class Reptilia, the term that consequently describes the class Reptilia is


If the eukaryotic condition arose, independently, several different times during evolutionary history, and if ancestors of these different lineages are extant and are classified in the domain Eukarya, then the domain Eukarya would be


When using a cladistic approach to systematics, which of the following is considered most important for classification?

shared derived characters

The four-chambered hearts of birds and the four-chambered hearts of mammals evolved independently of each other. If one were unaware of this independence, then one might logically conclude that

the common ancestor of birds and mammals had a four-chambered heart.

Phylogenetic hypotheses (such as those represented by phylogenetic trees) are strongest when

they are supported by more than one kind of evidence, such as when fossil evidence corroborates molecular evidence.

Which kind of DNA should provide the best molecular clock for gauging the evolutionary relatedness of several species whose common ancestor became extinct billions of years ago?

that coding for ribosomal RNA

Which statement represents the best explanation for the observation that the nuclear DNA of wolves and domestic dogs has a very high degree of homology?

Dogs and wolves shared a common ancestor very recently.

Which process hinders clarification of the deepest branchings in a phylogenetic tree that depicts the origins of the three domains?

horizontal gene transfer

What kind of evidence has recently made it necessary to assign the prokaryotes to either of two different domains, rather than assigning all prokaryotes to the same kingdom?


Members of which kingdom have cell walls and are all heterotrophic?


To apply parsimony to constructing a phylogenetic tree,

choose the tree that represents the fewest evolutionary changes, either in DNA sequences or morphology.

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