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William Penn- Founder; first planned city


Thomas Hooker (puritan minister)- Founder
Religion: Puritan


James Oglethorpe- Founder
Roman Catholic Banned
Founded for people to pay off debts
Buffer State

New York

Peter Minuit- Founder
New Netherlands
Religion: French Huguenot

Rhode Island

First Colony to declare Independence
Roger Williams and Anne Hutchinson- Founder
Anne Hutchinson: Doctrine of Inner Light (spirit talks) {QUAKERS}
Separation of Church and State


John Winthrop- Founder
John Winthrop: City on a Hill (Jerusalem)
Only members of the church vote
Salem Witch Trials
Pilgrims/ Puritans

New Hampshire

John Mason- Founder
Ruled by Government of Massachusetts

New Jersey

Sir George Carteret- Founder
Princeton University
William Franklin: son of Ben Franklin- loyalist- illegitimate


Peter Minuit- Founder
Representative Democracy


Lord Baltimore- Founder
Refugee for Roman Catholics
Open to Religion (more liberal)
Representative Government


John Smith- Founder
**Known for slaves and indentured servants**
John Smith- "He who does not work, does not eat"
**First established colony**
John Rolfe: Tobacco Farmer
Martial Law
Religion: Anglican, Great Awakening

North Carolina

8 Proprietors- Founders
Religion: Church of England
Germans (Lutherans)- Salvation through faith

South Carolina

William Sayle- Founder
3 branches: legislature, judicial, governor
Many different religions

Plymouth Colony

Founded by separatists
**Gave us Thanksgiving and Denominations**
Mayflower: 1620 (from Holland)
***First Direct Democracy: Mayflower Compact
William Bradford

Massachusetts Bay Colony

City on a Hill - John Winthrop
Pilgrims/ Puritans
Church flogged, fined, and banished members

Northern Colonies

Puritans: Just like God
-Church/State ran by clergy
- Tax Goes to church
Quakers: Church more open
- Members take part in services
Made Money: Shipbuilding, fishing, whaling-oil (lanterns)

Middle Colonies

"Wheat Basket"
Made Money: Farming, ship building, mills
Quakers and other religions
Most Ethnically diverse

Southern Colonies

***First Counties***
**Oldest legislative body: The House of Burgesses***
Made Money: Plantations, Hunting

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