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high culture, opera, ballet, sculpture, and painting. snobby culture. a part of culture but a very narrow part.

culture is learned

it is learned, came to you from someone else. we are cavemen and culture has moved us away from natural behavior to more functional behavior. biologically we are animals who have learned from others in our own culture and from what we see or experience of other cultures.

culture is interrelated

no cultural traits exist in isolation. you cant just change one piece of a culture without other changes occurring. any attempt to change one part of culture is going to have significant effects on other parts of it and may result in unintended consequences. a modern civilizations will try and help out the ancient culture but will damage it. the ancient culture will be damaged with just one ipod.

culture is shared

describes way we all behave together. culture defines the shared behavior patterns of peoples. anything that is unique to the individual doesnt count. knowing the rules and knowing what to do. red light means stop.

cultural dimensions

psychological, social, and historic components are what make culture impossible to avoid or control.


cultural dimension - a cultural entity operating in a cultural environment. language is one of the more important tools of culture. reading the words instead of the color they are in like told to do so. things forced into our brain that we have accepted. color of the blocks are the same but we think not cause of the shadow. female dominating male lion - gained control over humor and culture. brain is english government every part of body send messages to brain that it will ignore - stomach, im hungry, eventually whole body will get hungry and brain will say hungry. conscious brain made a decision to lose weigh and sub conscious said youre kidding me so you failed. if you want to change your behavior you have to change your environment.


rules how you behave with the rest of the world combined. mom controlled you and gave you rules of life of how you think. how one interacts with mom, dad, sister, rest of the world. sports- kick ball this way, do this, in this time. business meeting, dressing, time, saying hello.

what to do to be successful in business?

know cultural set


culture was never planned. repeating behaviors that work for us. calf walks, other calfs follow creating a path, human walks through the path, a road is made in the path, buildings are made around road. stupid stuff carries through forever. HOLY COWS. early christians stole winter solstice which is now christmas in order to make it more appealing jesus bday.

trait stabilizers

systems in a culture itself that work to stabilize a culture and make it survive. hold culture in place.

verbal communication

trait stabilizer- uses language to try to influence cultural thinking. keep our culture in place. does work some but not really an overpowering system we keep doing it cause of culture. mommy screams and yells then we ignore it.

nonverbal communication patterns

trait stabilizer-very powerful. look at the behavior, not the words. professor paying attention to him only in one corner so now he only teaches from that corner.


trait stabilizer- what is the meaning to life. if religion tells you meaning of life is to blow up other people who dont believe your religion than you do it and think thats the right thing. powerful.

social enforcements

trait stabilizer- behavioral patterns formed after a social norms coalesce that punish people who do not comply with expected behavior. force you to follow basic culture guidelines

cultural imperatives

social enforcements- things you have got to do if you want to be apart of the culture. failure to follow them will lead to loss of business. failure to meet these could be ostracized or imprisoned. COPY

culture adiaphore

social enforcements-popular in the culture and you are allowed to participate but dont have to if you dont want to. sports in america. can participate no one cares if you dont. SAFE

cultural exclusive

social enforcements- most difficult. everyone in the culture has to do it but people not in the culture are not allowed. catholics have to do communion but not allowed to do it if youre not a catholic.

cultural transmission

occurs when different cultures interact. copying culture still change. help change culture

direct interaction

cultural transmission- send you to another country to do business, studying abroad, copying people from other countries it becomes apart of our culture... losing while gaining.

communication devices

cultural transmission- movies, radio, tv, share ideas with each other without having to interact. russians watch american tv and copy what they wear cause they believe it means wealth.

political devices

cultural transmission- want to improve country so they look to copy other succesful countries.


cultural transmission- exchange of ideas though fine arts can change cultures. music has strong affect. people learn english though listening to american music.

business processes

cultural transmission- copying what other businesses do in order to be successful and changing culture of business.

culture definition

a fuzzy set of mostly shared traits within a defined population.

fuzzy set

a set with somewhat ambiguous outer edge. what is within the culture and what is outside the culture is not so clear.

shared traits

patterns of behavior or thinking which are shared within a culture.

defined population

family culture, state culture, neighborhood culture, religion culture..

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