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Communites Grade 3


a relative who was born long ago


a group of people born and living at about the same time




a system under which people have no freedom and are forced to work for no pay


someone who leaves one country and moves to another

Statue of Liberty

sign of freedom; greeted and seen by immigrants in the New York harbor; gift given to the U.S. by France

Primary source

information recorded by a person who was actually there; they usually use I, Me or We when talking

Secondary source

recorded by a person who was not actually there; they usually refer to what was heard or read

Vladimir Zworykin

A Russian American that helped invent television

Ellis Island and Angel Island

government centers for immigrants

Settled in the Eastern United States

Europeans and Irish immigrants

Settled in the Western United States

Chinese, Phillipines, Korean, Spanish and Central Americans

The jobs that Free Africans had

farmers, ministers, teachers, lawyers and worked in businesses

Why did people rush to California in 1848

Gold rush;

Natural Resources of Brazil

the Amazon River, many beaches on the Coast, and good land for farming cattle


The first Europeans came to Brazil from this Country.


Slavery ended in Brazil


Slavery ended in the United States

Sao Paolo

Brazil's largest city; Italian and Japanese ancestors lived there


Launching center for satellites in Brazil near the equator

Types of Satellites Brazilian's use

Communication, Navigation and Weather

What German immigrants liked about Brazil?

Lived in the south because the climate reminded them of home

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