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Sociology Exam #2

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-Strain theory: suggests that deviance occurs when culturally approved goals cannot be reached by culturally approved means
-Merton's strain theory of deviance suggests that individuals caught in this dilemma may reject the goals or the means or both, and by doing so they become deviants.

~Innovation: refers to people who accept society's goals but reject accepted institutional means, instead using illegitimate means to achieve their goals; accept society's goal but find their own way of getting it; includes poor teenagers who steal flashy cars, students who cheat, athletes on steroids, drug dealer

-Ritualism: referes to people who continue to use culturally approved means for achieving socially desired goals even though they have rejected--or given up on--those goals; doesn't buy into the goals of society but follow the routines ex: workers who follow all bureaucratic procedures just to keep their job, not to get ahead, or an apathetic high school student

-Retreatism: refers to those who have given up on both society's goals and its accepted means; rejects the goals of society and retreat from society ; They are society's drop out: the vagabonds, drifters, street people, drug addicts

-Rebellion: like Retreatism, Rebellion also refers to those abandon society's goals and means, but revels additionally adopt alternative values; they're like revolutionaries, rastafarians, or the rainbow tribe who hope to create an alternative society; rejects the values of society, substitute a new set of values; ex: Animal rights activist