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  1. Thermometer
  2. Humidity
  3. Barometer
  4. Meteorologist
  5. Air Pressure
  1. a Scientists who study the weather
    Study air masses to make weather forecasts
  2. b Instrument that measures air pressure
  3. c the pressing down of air on the Earth's surface. Gravity causes the gases to be pressed down.
  4. d Instrument that measures air temperature; movement of molecules
  5. e The amount of water vapor in the air

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  1. Strong windstorms which have cloud shaped like funnels.
  2. layer of the atmosphere closest to the Earth where most weather occurs, conditions change quickly, contains water & gases
  3. Storms with strong winds and heavy rains. Occur over a large area and last a long time. Begin over the ocean but can move to shore.
  4. A wind vane, instrument thta measures wind speed. Has cups that turn from the wind
  5. Day to day conditions in a given area

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  1. Cumulus cloudsThin, white & feathery edges,
    seen on good weather days, no rain, whispy cotton


  2. ForecastPrediction of the weather. Study air pressure, temperature, wind and moisture to determine the forecast.


  3. Climateair movement; wind moves from areas of high pressure to areas of low pressure; wind is named for th direction of which it comes Ex. North wind blows North to south


  4. Things that affect climateTemperature & precipitation


  5. Four Properties of WeatherInstrument that measures air temperature; movement of molecules


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