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  1. Theocracy
  2. Felipe Calderon
  3. Kim Jong Un
  4. Prime minister
  5. Vladmir Putin
  1. a Who is the prime minister of Russia today?
  2. b Who is the current leader of North Korea?
  3. c Who is the real power in Russia?
  4. d Who is the president of Mexico today?
  5. e Government is based on faith and beliefs

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  1. How long is the term for the Mexican president?
  2. An elected assembly has both legislative and executive powers
  3. True or False: A country with the title "Republic" or "People" is probably a democracy.
  4. Who is the current Prime minister of England?
  5. rule by the people

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  1. Stephen HarperWho is the prime minister of Canada today?


  2. Representative DemocracyCitizens elect representatives to govern for them


  3. Hu JintaoWho is the leader of China today?


  4. Mikhail GorbachevRun by one person or a small group of people who are usually military officers


  5. PerestroikaEconomic Reform; opens up the country to foreign investors and ownership