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World History Open Book Test Answers

What were the three revolutions which changed history in a global way?
French, Russian, and Chinese.
Why were merchants placed below peasants and artisans in the Confucian social system?
Because they didn't produce anything, they only took the produce of others and sold it.
an elite official in any society
Wu Di
The most important Han emporer
What does the length of the Han empire imply?
It implies that they had strength and stability within their empire (counting that it lasted over 400 years)
Which system was more flexible, the chinese social system or the indian hindu caste system?
The chinese social system
Which rebelion occured in china around the time of 184-86 CE and what caused it?
The yellow turban rebelion, the poor treatment of peasant slaves.
a term for a person who rents land or housing
Which other civilization was at it's height at the time of the Chinese?
Similarity between classical chinese social system and the indian caste system
Birth determined social status for most people
Difference between chinese and indian systems
I:based on a religion
C:based on a philosophy
which philosophy or religion influenced each one (#11) and how?
I: the idea/philosophy that society was forever divided into 4 social groups known as the varna.
C: had it's origins in the effort of early chines rulers to find administrator's loyal to the central state.
What was the origin of the caste system?
Racially based among the different people on the south asian penninsula.
divided into 4 ranked classes: Brahmins, Kshatria, Viashia, Sudra, and the untouchables.
Pure Arian
what the top 3 castes were condidered.
Give an example of how sudras were treated as marginal.
If a Brahmin killed a sudra he would be pennilized as if he killed a dog or a cat.
Caste became irrelevant and the focus was achieving one's ________ as to aviod rebirth
Rebirth into a higher caste depended on the following of your ________ and thus creating good ________
Dharma, karma
In china slaves were less than _____ % of the population. Usually they were ____________ or impoverished peasants who sold thier _______.
1, convicted criminals,children
In Athens about ______ of the population was enslaved
1/3 or 35%
In Rome ________% of the total population was enslaved
It was the greatest percentage known until the more modern slave societies of __________.....
Carribean, Brazil, and Southern United States
Most roman slaves had been _________. Roman slavery was not _______-based
POV (prizoners of war), race
led a rebelion in 73 BCE against the romans resulting in the crusifuction of over 6,000 slaves
In the most ancient and classical societies which CLASS of women had the greatest restriction and why?
The upper class because they were thought of as to good to have seen outside of home.
Ban Zhou
Chines woman writer and court official
to set some one free or to give back freedom
3 obediences
emphasized a woman's subordination 1 to her father, 2 to her husband, and 3 to her son in chinese society.
Athen's leading political figure
lower feminine principle associated with weakness and emotion in chinese society
masculine associated with strength and light in chinese society
conquered people in the roman empire
woman from Miletus who came to Athens and had more freedom due to her foreign birth
Was Aristotle a feminist, why or why not?
No because he thought of women to be infertile men who were just vessles for childbirth
With the exception of Sparta how might greek city states be considered more open regarding sexual choice and behavior?
tollerated homosexual relationships
After the fall of Rome, slaves in western Europe became ________
________ had been the most basic, ling lasting, accepted as normal feature of almost all civilizations.