22 terms

important holocaust terms

Mrs. Fleck
Elie's hometown
areas in cities where Jew were forced to live separated by a stone wall from the city
cattle cars
Frieght cars that were used to transport Jews
A segment of Auschwitz where prisoners were housed and the camp was located
death camp in southern Poland, Heinrich Himmler ordered its operation on April 27, 1940, 4 larger camps, housed 5 crematoria and 45 sub camps
The second concentration camp where Elie and his father are taken to, it is at Buna where they face the hardest labor and abuse.
death run
when the jews had to run from auschwitz to concentration camps in germany because the soviet union was after the germans
The camp the prisoners reach during the winter march. The prisoners move from Gleiwitz to Buchenwald.
another death camp located in southern germany
star of david
had the word "jude" on them and every jew had to where one; became the symbol of Nazi persecution
national socialists german workers party, founded in 1919, hitler became the leader in 1921, practiced hatred of certain religions,
old religious ornament adopted by the nazis
"secret police"; mainly in ghettos
prisoners who cooperate with the SS in the disciplining of their fellow prisoners
schutzstaffell (SS)
a special force notorious for its brutal concentration camp grounds
concentration camps
reservation where Jews and minorities were forced to work and where many were executed as part of Hitlers "final solution"
the gate
says "arbeit macht frei" (work makes one free)
a jewish religious movement started in eastern europe in the eighteenth century
spoken, passe down laws, dictates the lfestyle and behavior of the Jews
esoteric system of interpretation of the script based upon a tradition claimed to have been handed down oraly by abraham
rosh hashana
new years
yom kippor
day of atonement

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