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Sadlier-Oxford Vocabulary Workshop New Edition Jerome Shostak

apposite (adj)

appropriate, suitable, apt; (syn) relevant, germane, pertinent; (ant) immaterial

augur (n)

a prophet or seer; (v) to predict, foreshadow; oracle, bode

bilk (v)

to defraud, cheat or swindle; to frustrate, thwart; dupe, cozen

charisma (n)

appeal, charm, mystique

debilitate (v)

to make weak or feeble; enervate, sap, exhaust; (ant) strengthen, fortify

execrable (adj)

utterly detestable, hateful, or abhorrent; odious, reprehensible; (ant) commendable, meritorious

impinge (v)

to strike against; to encroach or obtrude upon; horn in, affect

labyrinth (n)

a bewildering maze; any confusing or complicated situation; tangle, mystery, enigma

narcissism (n)

excessive self-love; egotism, conceit, amour propre; vanity

niggardly (adj)

stingy; small or insufficient; penny-pinching, mean; (ant) generous, bountiful, magnanimous

pastiche (n)

work made up of bits and pieces from other sources; a hodgepodge; medley, patchwork, melange

precarious (adj)

very uncertain or unsure; dangerous or risky; perilous, dubious; (ant) secure, safe, firm

rapport (n)

close and harmonious relationship; bond, tie, affinity, understanding

utilitarian (adj)

stressing practicality; practical, functional, pragmatic; (ant) ornamental, decorative

vacuous (adj)

lacking substance or meaning; purposeless, inane, insipid, fatuous, void; (ant) incisive, trenchant, perceptive

vagary (n)

an unpredictable or erratic action; caprice, whim, quirk

viable (adj)

capable of developing under normal circumstances; practicable, feasible; (ant) unworkable

xenophobia (n)

fear or hatred of foreigners or strangers or of what is foreign/strange; provinciality, chavinism, parochialism

zany (adj)

clownish or funny in a bizarre way; one who plays the clown; daffy, buffoon; (ant) sedate, decorous, grave

zealot (n)

a fanatical partisan; ardent follower; fanatic, extremist

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