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praedor, praedari, praedatus sum

to acquire loot, plunder; to take as plunder

auctor, auctoris

originator, founder

eques, equitis

horseman; knight, equestrian

tempero, temperare, temperavi, temperatus

to exercise restraint; to moderate, control

sumptus, sumptūs

the spending of money, expenditure

parcus, parca, parcum

thrifty, economical

repertor, repertoris

discoverer, inventor

simplicitas, simplicitatis

unity; simplicity, sincerity; lack of sophistication, ignorance

desultor, desultoris


perennis, perennis, perenne

lasting through the years, eternal

exterreo, exterrēre, exterrui, exterritus

to frighten, terrify

flumineus, fluminea, flumineum

of a river

adulter, adulteri

illicit lover, adulterer

pontus, ponti

sea, ocean

iuvencus, iuvenci

young bull, bullock

varus, vara, varum

bent outwards, curving

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