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Physical Science Chapter 10 Study Guide

Rubber makes a great __________________. That is why power lines are coated in rubber.
Stationary electricity is also called ________ electricity.
A __________ consists of one or more electrochemical cells that supply electrons released by a chemical reaction.
wet, dry
There are two types of cells for batteries; a ________ cell and a _________ cell.
circuit breaker
Most houses have between ten and forty circuits protected by ________ _________ switches that automatically trips if too much current flows through it.
lightning rod
A device used to protect buildings from lightning is called a ___________ ______.
A ________ allows you to open or close the circuit by opening or closing a gap in the current path.
An electrical charge is usually produced by the removal or addition of __________.
Electrical current is measured in a unit called the ______________.
kilowatt hours
Electrical energy is dispensed and billed in units called __________-________.
series circuit
When loads are connected one after another on the same path it is called a __________ _________.
A _______ is basically one or more coils of wire rotated in a magnetic field by some form of prime mover such as a motor or tubine powered by steam, water or wind.
direct current
Current that flows in one direction through a conductor is called _______ _________.
A device that can change the voltage within portions of a circuit is called a ____________.
When two objects with opposite charges approach each other, they are ________ to each other.
Charges can be detected with an instrument called an _______________.
like, opposite
The Law of Charges states that _________ charges repel; _________ charges attract.
Ohm's Law
The statement, "In a DC circuit component of resistance, the current through the component is directly proportional to the potential difference applied to the component", is known as _______ _______.
electrical current
Electricity that involves continuously moving charges is called ________ _________.
semi conductors
Materials that allow limited elctron flow or conduct only under certain conditions are called _______-________.
Resistance is measured in units called ________.
Older homes with original wiring may use _______ as a protective device.
parallel circuit
In a ________ ________ the loads are connected in separate branches of the circuit.
__________ strikes on the earth about one hundred times every second.
Laden jar
A ________ ____ is an early device used to store electrical charges.
ground fault circuit interrupter
The rounded third prong on a standard plug is the ______-______-_______ ___________ device.
electrical circuit
The path that the current flows is called the _________ ______.
The SI unit for electrical charge is the _________.
When two objects with the same charge approach each other, the objects _______ from each other.
We measure the potential difference with a unit called the ________.
solar cells
Photovoltaic devices are also called ________ _______.
electrical discharge
The loss of static charge as electrons move to another object is called ___________ __________.
Modern charge-storing devices are called __________.
Wood, glass and rubber are not good ________ of electricity.