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leader of the Catholic Church on earth, bishop of Rome, works with bishops to teach and guide the church


an ordained priest who is the leader of a diocese and teaches the followers of Jesus


a man ordained to serve God and the church be celebrating the sacraments, preaching and saying mass


a title given to a priest of the Catholic Church


an area made up of many church parishes that is led by a bishop


a place where a group of men(women) live together so that they can support one another in their love for God and serve the church


a part of a diocese under the direction of a priest


the Pope's palace made up of a group of buildings in Vatican City where the Pope does his work to serve God's people along with the Cardinals who help him


the process by which the Catholic Church formally recognizes a person as a saint


the special friends and followers of Jesus who were asked to carry out his mission in the world


the liturgical minister who leads the community in sacred song


the sacrament of Jesus's presence in the form of bread and wine


a talk given at mass which helps the people understand and apply the Scripture readings


the long white robe worn by a priest at mass


a place where consecrated hosts are kept


the smoke or fragrance from a substance being burned


sayings of Jesus that tell us how to live in God's kingdom in true happiness


a vestment worn over the white alb by a priest at mass


the sacrament we receive to become children of God and members of the Church and which takes away original sin


the sacrament in which we receive the gift of the Holy Spirit and are made a full member of the church


sacrament that celebrates God's forgiveness of sin through the church


the sacrament that joins a man and woman in Christian marriage

Anointing of the Sick

the sacrament in which a priest prays for and anoits with oil a person who is sick of dying so that their body and spirit may be held by Jesus

Holy Orders

the sacrament where men are ordained to serve God and he church as deacons, priests or bishops


the sacrament of partaking in the bread and wine of Jesus

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