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Golden Age of Animation

Why it called the Golden Age?
Introduction to audio
• Steamboat willy

Character development

Story Development

Techno color
• 3 colors placed on film

Technical advances
• Down shooting camera
Who started and ended the Golden Age?
Walt Disney
What started the Golden Age?
Steam Boat Willie 1928
What year did the Golden Age Start?
What Year did the Golden Age End?
What film of Disney's (the second to be produced in the Golden age) took 20 years to make?
Snow White
Why was there a strike on Disney?
they wanted to be paid hourly
What arose from the Strike on Disney?
• UPA (united production of America) started from this when one of his directors, Steven (something),Lead the strike and started UPA left
- Made school house rock
Who invented Technicolor?
Max Flischer
What Film of Disney's didn't do well?
1940 Pinnochio
Why did Pinnochio not do well?
• Didn't do very well even with more technical advances
• Because of WWII, 40% of his foreign release was cut off
Why was Dumbo (1941) successful?
• low cost made it more successful money wise
What did Chuck Jones do for animation?
Redefied preexisting characters
• Made Bugs Bunny less of a villain and had him only attack when provoked
• Willy Coyote
• Marvin the Martian
• Etc.

Expressive eyes and fingers

Loose torso

Developed Limited/Smeared animation technique
• Introduced with Film Dover Boys
• Take two poses on opposite ends and smear them until they connect
• Left it on the screen between 4 to 10 key frames depending on the broadness of the movement
• Got fired for this but when the film with it did well they rehired him
• Abstract approach to animation

Considered animation to be an art

Worked for warner Bros

Introduced Abstract backgrounds
• Show what the character is thinking with no dialogue
What are two styles of animation?
o Abstract motion
• Distorting the shape, changing the background, more surreal

o Naturalist motion
• Newton's law
• Not much distortion
• What we see in 3D animation
What caused the Fall of the Golden Age?
After destroying the monopoly that big studios had on theaters, the cartoons were moved from theaters to television where they were meant to produce one episode a week,which meant less time could be spent on the story and look (and thus technology didn't improve either)
Who animated half of the Jungle book?
Ollie Johnson & Frank Thomas
What else did Frank and Ollie do?
Publish "The Illusion of life" the book on the 12 principles of Animation (bringing it to the public for the first time)
When was the Illusion of life originally published?
What made the Golden Age Unique?
• Story
• Character Development
• Audio
• Color
What defined the Dark Age of animation?
• Limited fluidness
• Not a lot of detail in the characters or background
• Lost of flashing lights and camera angles
• Bland characters and story
What was the period of the Dark age of animation?
What was the first animated feature?
Snow White
What was the first animation to show the Smearing technique?
Dover Boys
What was abstract animation first introduced?
The Aristocat
What other filmed used abstract animation?
Whats Opera Doc
Who was Disney's Main competition
Max Flischer
- was the only one who was able to be his competitor
• He had his own style and could make his own animations
• They pushed each other and pushed the technology