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Natural/Manmade Phenomenon


Input Costs




Expected price


Joint Supply


Alternate goods


Government action




Expected Price

expecting change in future product can effect producers willingness to supply product; expectation that price will increase may cause firms to add more workers or expand facilities causing increase in supply

Alternate Goods

higher prices of other goods can cause producers to switch production to an alternative good to increase profit; when the price of alternative goods declines, producers may decide to produce original goods instead to increase supply and profit; substitution makes a decline in supply of the original good


larger number of suppliers= greater supply; more firms supply= curve shifts to right; less firms supply=firms shift to left; ex: more tattoo parlors=more tattoos

Joint Supply

production of one good leads to production of another

Input Costs

The cost of labor, capital and natural resources needed to produce a good or service; , if objects cost more there will be less supplied/ the amount of money it costs to raise a good or service

Government Action

taxes are price; increase in tax increases production cost which reduces supply; subsidies are taxes in reverse; production of a good that lowers producer's cost and increases supply

Natural/Manmade Phenomenon

improvement in techniques of production enables firms to produce units of output using fewer resources; using fewer resources lowers production cost and increases supply


shift to the left =


shift to the right =


amount of product producers are willing able to make and slll at possible prices

Law of Supply

as price rises, quantity supplied rises; as quantity supplied falls, price falls

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