8 Feline Lymphoma

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if a cat is FeLV+, is it more likely to develop B or T-cell LSA?
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When are you more likely to find a palpable mass, with small cell (low grade) or large cell (high grade) LSA?large cell (high grade)What is the best way to treat large cell (high grade) lymphoblastic alimentary LSA?CHOP protocol +/- L-asparginase AVOID SURGERY - it's a chemo-responsive dzDoxorubicin is ___-toxic in cats, so be sure to check ___ after chemo using it.renal-toxic USGWhat is the preferred treatment for nasal LSA?radiation +/- chemoIf a cat has CNS LSA, it is often multicentric, being present in the kidneys or bone marrow as well. Treatment includes _____, and prognosis is poor.aggressive chemo w/agents that cross BBB: cytosar, CCNU radiationWhat prognostic factors consistently help predict outcome for a cat with LSA? -stage -substage -grade -location -response to therapy -FeLV status -immunophenotype*Grade* - low grade = better px *Location* Response to therapy - 3-4 mos after chemo, depending on response, you can prognosticate better FeLV statusCompare treatment for low grade vs. high grade LSALow grade: prednisone, chlorambucil (low dose chemo) High grade: COP, CHOP protocols