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1. Decision significance
How important is the decision to the sucess of the project or organization. High, low? High, leaders need to be involved.
2. Importance of commitment
HOw important is follower commitment to implement the decision? High: effective. low: not important
When making a highly important commitment decisions that followers may not like and may not implement, followers generally need to be involved in making the decision.
3. Leader expertise
How much knowledge and expertise does the leader have with this specfic decision? High? Low? The more expertise the leader has the less need there is for follower particpation.
4. Likelihood of commitment
If the leader were to make the decision alone, is the certainty that the follwers would be committed to the decision H or L? When making decisions that followers will like and want to implement, there is less need to involve them in the decision.
5. Group Support for Objectives
Do followers have H or L support for the team or organiztional goals to be attained in solving the problem? Higher levels of participation are acceptable with high leves of support.
6. Group expertise
How much knowledge and expertise do the individual followers have with this specific decision? Is expertise H or L? THe more expertise the followers have, the greater the individual or grou pparticipation can be.
7. Team competence
Is the ability of the individuals to work togehter as a team to solve the problem H or L? WIth high team competence, more participation can be used.