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Teachers who conduct action research might:
Videotape their lessons to reflect on instructional strategies.
A student-centered classroom uses reciprocal teaching to analyze a selection of text. The 4 basic steps that are used in reciprocal teaching are:
Predicting, questioning, clarifying, summarizing.
What type of test could a school district use to determine if state standards were being effectively taught?
Criterion-referenced test
Which of the following is the best example of a cognitive objective?
Students will complete a two-digit multiplication skills test with 85% mastery.
An educator signed up for a paid online professional development session that required watching short video segments and personally reflecting on their content. The educator let the videos run in the background, and quickly clicked through the acknowledgments without completing the reflections. What portion of the Code of Ethics does this violate?
The obligation to the profession.
Learning activities should always be based on:
specific objectives.
An elementary reading teacher wants to get parents reading nightly with their children. The most effective way to do this while fostering parent communication is to:
Invite parents to a "reading night" where student and parents meet to read and share favorite poems.
Which of the following statements from a teacher would be considered classroom management through use of negative reinforcement?
"If you would start turning in your homework, I wouldn't have to call your mother every afternoon!"
In order to practice effective behavior management, classroom rules
should be followed by all students and be consistently enforced.
Which of the following would be a responsibility of a school advisory council?
Developing a school improvement plan
Which of the following would be an example of negative reinforcement?
The teacher stops complaining about the messy floor after the students clean it up.
A teacher has discovered and implemented a new online behavior-management program that is improving student behavior while providing an easy way to communicate with parents. The teacher should
Meet with the principal to discussing sharing the new product at the next professional development day.
The best tool for a teacher to use to keep a running, averaged record of student scores throughout the year is
The most effective way to present vocabulary is
in context to convey rich meaning to the students.
The best graphic organizer for analyzing similarities and differences is
a Venn diagram
An ELL joins the classroom mid-year. She appears to speak fluent English and participates well in class, yet struggles academically in reading and science. When questioned, the teacher learns that the student has only lived in America for 2 years. The student's academic struggles are likely the result of
Not having mastered cognitive academic language proficiency due to the length of time she has been speaking English.
The input-hypothesis model developed by Steven Krashen would suggest that ELLs would benefit from
Being given information that is just slightly above their ability level in the second language.
The No Child Left Behind Act states that
Student whose first language is not English may only be tested in English.
Student test performance reflects
a student's understanding of the topic and the quality of instruction.
When teaching idioms it is important to
Explicitly teach the implied meaning of the phrase.
A teacher wants to know if he is allowed to copy software onto more of his classroom computers. To find this out he should consult the
site license
A student comes to school and says that her report is done but she is out of ink on her home printer. She asks the teacher if she can email the assignment to school and have the teacher print it out. The teacher should
be cautious because emails can contain viruses.
Prior to teaching a unit on bacteria and viruses, a teacher has students evaluate a list of content-area statements as being true or false. After the lesson is complete, the students reevaluate the statements. What was the purpose of giving the assignment before the lesson if it was also to be complete afterwards?
The teacher using an anticipation chart to increase student interest and focus the instruction.
A culturally responsive teacher should be aware of students'
social skills, home culture, interests & attitudes.
A teacher gets a ticket for running a red light in a school zone. According to the Code of Ethics, the teacher should
Do nothing. This was a minor traffic violation.
A convergent question
has a simple, short answer and requires the use of lower-order thinking skills.
Shared classroom materials should be
easily accessed, assembled prior to beginning the lesson, and safe for student use.
Drill and practice is primarily used to
re-teach a skill that a student has failed to master.
A teacher is arrested for domestic violence, but does not report the incident because it was unfounded. The teacher
will be terminated as soon as the State of Florida learns of the offense.
A teacher notices that a student has lost her appetite and has difficulty walking or sitting. She also seems to be behaving in a sexually sophisticated manner. The teacher should
immediately contact the Florida Abuse Hotline (DCF).
Teachers that meet regularly to reflect on instructional methods are members of
a reflective learning community.
When planning a unit, a teacher must ensure that the lessons
activate prior knowledge and ensure coherence throughout the unit.
Who is responsible for implementing the school improvement plan?
The principal and staff
A teacher's professional development goals should be
relevant, measurable, and based on student needs.
Which of the following professional development classes would be most beneficial to a teacher wanting to focus on general instructional practices?
Action Research- How to Do It
What type of question elicits a written, pictorial, or graphic response from a student?
Constructed response
An intermediate science teacher wants to develop a lesson that would teach her students to categorize items like a scientist while appealing to students with a naturalistic intelligence. Which plan would best meet her objective?
Plan an outdoor trip and have students gather items, then work in groups to sort them based on their categories.
Learning communities provide educators an opportunity to
Meet with other educators to discuss and study more effective instructional practices.
A high-school English teacher reviewed data from a benchmark review and determined that the results showed that the students had not mastered a key concept. The teacher feels that she could improve her instructional practices and is looking for a scientifically-based approach to improve her teaching methods. How should she do this?
Attend a learning community meeting to discuss her instructional practices with other teachers with the same goal.
A first-grade teacher has students change the beginning letters of words to make new words (b-at, c-at, v-at), then has them switch the ending sounds on words (c-at, c-ar, c-ake). The teacher is having the students manipulate
What would be the best way for a teacher to prepare her students for the state mandatory criterion-referenced test that is administered every year?
Make sure that the students have been taught the standards and are familiar with the test format.
A 6th grade history classroom is set up with desks facing each other in clusters of students mixed gender, ability, and cultures. Students are working on document-based questioning about Valley Forge. The teacher moves throughout the classroom, ready to offer guidance if necessary. What type of activity is the class performing?
A student-centered learning activity
The initial stages of language acquisition are:
pre-production, early production, speech emergent, intermediate fluency.
If a teacher does not want guessing to have a positive effect on test scores, she should avoid
true and false questions.
The purpose of asking a divergent question is to
promote critical thinking
In order to maintain good classroom management, a teacher should assist students in
self-monitoring their own behavior.
If a high school literature teacher wants to assess if her students understand sub-concepts that fall under a larger theme, she could have students create a
concept map.
Anecdotal records are
useful to compare student development over a period of time.
A student portfolio is an effective tool because it
provides a collection of student work over time.
If a teacher wants to be sure that her students are prepared for the state-administered standards test at the end of the year, she should
plan her instruction around state standards and benchmarks.
Well-formed teacher-made tests
are designed to assess student comprehension of specific skills based on state standards.
If a student repeatedly fails a mastery test, the teacher should
revisit prerequisite skills.
Which of the following activities would encourage students to use their critical thinking skills?
Problem-based learning activities
A beginning teacher is assigned a mentor that
promotes and supports peer teacher growth
A classroom teacher has a visually impaired student in his class. When preparing a class assessment, the teacher should
enlarge one copy of the test for the visually impaired student.
When testing for mastery,
students may retest on a skill until they demonstrate that they mastered it.
Teachers can bring rigor to their classrooms by incorporating
critical-thinking assignments
A high-school teacher responds to a student's solution by asking the class if they agree or disagree with the answer. The teacher is using
a redirect
Which is more effective for improving fluency, reading aloud or reading silently, and why?
Reading aloud, because students tend to skip words they do not understand when reading silently rather than making the effort to decode them.
The most appropriate time to give feedback on an assessment is
24 to 48 hours later.
What is the advantage of analyzing case studies?
-They present scenarios that teachers can study and apply to their own classrooms.
-They allow teachers to anticipate possible situations that may someday occur in their classrooms and prepare to respond accordingly.
-They provide teachers with the opportunity to discuss possible solutions to actual problems that have occurred in other classrooms.
If a teacher asks a complex question and the student gives a brief response, the teacher can...
continue to ask follow-up questions of the same student to elicit a more thorough answer.
A 4th grade teacher notices that students bump into each other on the way to the pencil sharpener. Before changing the layout of the classroom, the teacher should
consider traffic flow patterns.
When would a teacher ask a follow-up question?
-When the original answer was too brief
-When the original answer contained a misconception
-When the teacher is trying to elicit higher-order thinking skills from the student
A student in the pre-production stage of 2nd language acquisition will
participate in a "silent period" where the language is heard but not spoken.
Which of the following accommodations would be appropriate for any student to use, regardless of their learning abilities?
The use of highlighters to mark text.
When a teacher notices burns, bites, or bruises on a student and notices that the student withdraws at the approach of adults, the teacher should
contact the Florida Abuse Hotline
Which of the following is NOT an element of classroom instruction that can be differentiated by the teacher?
A classroom teacher has a student that needs extra practice with multiplication tables. The class has a single copy of a practice program, but the teacher doesn't want to risk losing it. What should the teacher do?
Never copy software since there are no situations where this is legal.
In addition to using audio or videotapes to conduct action research, teachers should also use
students' scores on assessments
A classroom teacher that understands how to differentiate instruction plans in advance should
provide tiered activities that allow students of all levels to understand the concepts but perform at different levels with necessary support.
Which of the following is true of how teachers should question students during a class discussion?
Below level-learners should be asked higher-order, critical-thinking questions that match their ability level.
In the middle of the year, a teacher has a gifted, physically-impaired student join her in the classroom. The student struggles to hold a pencil and writes very slowly. This student would benefit most from
a speech-to-text program
An 8th grade science teacher decides to work collaboratively with a teacher in the mathematics department to design a unit using basic algebra to calculate the density of various objects. By creating a cross-subject activity
student interest is increased as the science lesson gives relevance to the math.
According to the State of Florida, how long does a teacher have to self-report an arrest for possession of a controlled substance?
48 hours
A student has been given an alternative assessment to the end-of-the year criterion-based test that is required by the state. This an example of
a modification
A classroom teacher struggles with using base-ten blocks to teach multiplication and division of decimals. What would be the best resource for assistance?
A peer teacher
A student's individualized education program may require a modification if the students is
performing below grade level and classroom modifications are not sufficient.
When a teacher elects to participate in a professional development activity in technology, the primary focus should be on
how the design and delivery of instruction will impact student learning.
An ESOL teacher wants to find a way to make connections between English words and terms in Spanish that have the same meaning and similar pronunciation. The best way to achieve this would be to
build a word wall that includes cognates.
Enlarged text, use of speech-to-text programs, and talking word processors are all
accommodations for visually-impaired students.
When a teacher instructs students to put away their math textbooks and get out their science lab book she is managing the class learning environment through the use of
transition statements
A thematic unit
is a series of activities across the curriculum that focuses on one theme that addresses multiple standards in the same context.
A teacher asks a question, then pauses to call on a student even though many hands are waving in the air. The teacher is using
wait time.
Which type of learning experience develops peer interaction skills?
Cooperative Learning
A local reporter asks a teacher her opinion on the new curriculum that has been implemented by the state. The teacher should
decline to comment
Which of the following gives the school districts the right and responsibility to establish programs for English language learners?
The No Child Left Behind Act
A classroom teacher needs to document a student's lack of focus in the classroom in order to develop accommodations to assist the student's academic achievement. The teacher should begin by
completing behavior inventory
The disadvantage of using drill and practice math programs on classroom computers is that
most classrooms do not have enough computers for the entire class.
A classroom teacher can foster higher-order thinking skills by asking students
-Follow-up and divergent questions
-To elaborate on a question that was already answered by classmates
A teacher uses extinction when she is
ignores negative behavior so that students don't receive positive reinforcement by gaining the teacher's attention.
Which of the following describes a student-centered learning environment?
-Students work together on a jigsaw activity in cooperative learning groups.
-Students use a collaborative approach to research and develop a solution to a real-world problem.
-Students analyze multiple sources to develop their list of loaded words in persuasive articles as the teacher acts as a facilitator.
Which of the following would not be used by a kindergarten teacher to develop phonemic awareness in her students?
Having students spell the words as they sound them out.
Project-based learning, problem-based learning, and inquiry-based learning all
require inductive reasoning and would be appropriate for a student-centered learning environment.
Running records
are used to document reading performance.
Which of the following does not describe 1 of the 5 big ideas in beginning reading?
Which of the following is not a text feature?
Copyright date and city of publication
During a science lesson, a 6th grade science teacher shares with her students how an invasive species of a plant is choking out a native species. She asks them to generate a hypothesis and possible solutions to the problem. What type of activity is this?
A high-school American History teacher conducts a 15 min. lecture about how triangular trade operated in the colonies. The teacher was using
direct instruction
According to Webb's Depth of Knowledge, the most complex cognitive level is
Extended Thinking
A good classroom teacher knows that students have different strengths and learning styles. To meet the needs of all students, teachers should
use differentiated instruction in the classroom.
Personal discovery inventories require
inductive thinking.
Students who excel in science and mathematics probably
have participated in many hands-on activities in science and math.
Recognizing text features, decoding word meaning in context, and identifying narrative elements are all parts of
reading comprehension
Which of the following is an example of a mnemonic device ?
Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally
In order to incorporate rigor in classroom instruction, a teacher should focus on
creating opportunities for students to use higher-order thinking skills.
Cooperative learning groups are most effective when they are
temporary, mixed ability level, and as diverse as possible.
Which organization is responsible for investigating alleged misconduct by educators?
The Office of Professional Practices Services
When sharing assessment data with a parent or guardian, it is important to
start with a specific, positive comment before voicing concerns.
Teachers can use advanced organizers to
assess what the students know about a topic prior to beginning the lesson.
A 1st grade teacher reads a story aloud to her class. This is an example of
modeled reading
Which of the following is the term for when the class and teacher all read the same selection aloud at the same time?
Choral reading
When middle-school math students memorize metric prefixes using "K-King, H-Henry, D-died, B-by, D-drinking, C-Chocolate, M-milk," to represent the metric divisions of kilo-,hecto-,deka-,base,dec-, centi-, milli-, they are increasing retention through use of a
A student' academic grades on report cards are derived from
scores on tests, homework, and assignments.
According to Piaget, most children are capable of completing assessment problems that require logical thinking by what age?
Which of the following is the best way that a teacher can improve student retention of new material?
Outlining the material to be covered at the beginning of the unit then reviewing it at the end.
Homework is appropriate
for practicing previously learned skills.
While the rest if the class is working silently on a personal narrative, 2 students in the back of the classroom begin chatting and giggling. The least disruptive way to deal with this off-task behavior is to
use proximity control
Which of the following activities would require using critical-thinking skills?
Drawing conclusions after reading an article about global warming.
Select the learning that best promotes 2nd language acquisition?
Preparation, evaluation, & meta cognitive strategies.
A teacher notices that students seem disinterested in a class topic. The teacher wants to liven up the discussion portion of the lesson to increase student's participation. What is the best procedure for the teacher to follow?
Ask questions that require students to show, explain, or describe.
Which of the following class characteristic will be assessed only by direct observation?
Amount of student time on task.
Maintaing anecdotal records of effective instructional strategies offers teachers practice in the skill of?
Which teacher action is a part of the communication technique for active listening?
The teacher re-states the student's message.
The most efficient use of computer lab time for an elementary class orientation when each student has access to a computer is to?
Allow individual student time to explore the computer.
Which technique will most effectively establish a 9th grade teacher's expectation for an assignment?
A list of due dates of each assessment for the grading period.
For a 6th social studies class for both native speakers of English and ESOL students who are to study mythology, the teacher's best app. is to
Have a competition to see which student had the most creative way of meeting the lesson objective.
What is the best way to help students who are shy and insist on being near the teacher whenever possible?
Assign the student tasks to help other students.
What principle is illustrated by conducting a 20 min. review session each Monday during a class?
A periodic review enhances long term memory.
The purpose underlying the enactment of the consent decree (META) was to?
Understand and successfully meet the various linguistic and cultural need for the non English speaking students.
A teacher who plans content rich lessons targeting all students' learning styles in various activities and group work should also consider?
Requirement from the school district.
Which strategy would most effectively encourage multi-disciplinary students?
Promoting instructional reading & writing on content areas.
An English teacher who wants her students to appreciate Shakespeare and wants to convert this into a form of behavior objective. What is the 1st question she needs to ask them?
How can I measure student's individual perception of Shakespeare work?
A teacher wants to find out if a student has mastered the instructional objective at the end of the unit. What type of test should the teacher use?
What practice does the most to perpetuate educational equality?
The Education Profession Commission may permanently revoke the educator's certificate once an educator is?
Adjudge delinquent in meeting a court ordered child's support obligation.
What does the general knowledge teacher bring to the IEP team?
Knowledge of the general curriculum.
When faced with the need to adapt materials for students to master the objective, what is the important variable to consider?
Stages of the cognitive development
An ESOL student applies the use of their 1st language in acquisition of English. This is an example of?
Language Diffusion
A teacher asks each student to bring an object representative of his/her cultural background as a part of show and tell exercise. The teacher is using?
A divergent thinker is best described as one who is?
A careful observer seeing things from different perspective, or looks for meanings of things.
Which is the best procedure for providing feedback after a classroom test?
Return test paper to student and go over each question.
Which of the following tests relates an individual's test performance to standards rather than
to the performance of others?
Sharon, a 3rd-grade student, received the following scores on a formal reading assessment:
identifying main idea - raw score of 18/25
recalling details - 70th percentile
making inferences - 30% correct
determining author's purpose - grade equivalent of 4.5
A teacher who interprets these data can accurately conclude that Sharon
A teacher instructs students to read a selection and then retell the information from the selection. The students are using the study skill of
A teacher is preparing students for a statewide assessment. The teacher asks the students to underline the bold type in the questions on the practice test. This test-taking strategy is known as
recognizing the key words
Which of the following teaching strategies would best show sensitivity to English language learners' language challenges?
encouraging safe times to use academic English in class.
A class has students from various cultural backgrounds. The teacher notices that students of like cultures are exhibiting similar skills and knowledge that differ from students of other cultures. This could be due to the impact of cultural knowledge on
Permitting students access to e-mails with attachments can be a potential danger to a school's network, because of
When parents request copies of software to use at home with their children, a teacher should consult
site license guidelines.
When a student with a large bruise on their face is questioned by the teacher, the student says that they fell at home while playing. Having previously noticed bruises on the student, the teacher suspects that the child is being abused. The teacher is required by law to contact the
abuse hotline.
A teacher would like to encourage parents and guardians to be involved in their students' education. Which of the following strategies is the best way for the teacher to encourage diverse parents and guardians to come to the classroom for a cultural activity?
Having students write a personal invitation inviting parents and guardians to attend a cultural activity during school.
A teacher wants to analyze areas of need in the curriculum. Which of the following would reflect the necessary data?
a teacher's grade book
After attending a reading workshop, a teacher realizes that the current reading strategies are not improving student academic achievement. The most appropriate next step is to
request assistance from a reading coach.
Which of the following would help a teacher identify reasons why a student is misbehaving in class?
anecdotal records
A student appears to be struggling with a reading subskill after initial instruction. The teacher wants to find out what component of reading is hindering comprehension. Which of the following assessments would best aid the teacher?
A 4th-grade team analyzes student test scores from the beginning and the end of the school year to determine whether to continue using the current core reading curriculum. Which of the following is the best type of assessment to use for this purpose?
Which of the following assessments would be best for comparing a student's knowledge with that of other students in the same grade level?
Students are given a demanding task and then asked to respond to that task orally, in writing, or by constructing a product. This type of evaluation is a(an)
performance assessment.
During the introduction of a new mathematics lesson, several students appear uninterested in the lesson. To determine if the behavior is content related, the teacher should
ask students concept questions.
A teacher has students use their background information to make predictions about a story. This lesson would most likely be representative of a(an)
learner-centered environment.
In a community-centered approach to teaching, a teacher plans classroom activities that require students to
assist others in solving problems.
A beginning teacher notices that students are having difficulty mastering the properties of light on a science test. The best next step for the teacher to take would be
seeking input from a peer teacher.
Which of the following situations is the best example of a teacher promoting a climate of openness, respect, and inquiry in the classroom?
promoting student cultures that are studied, shared, and celebrated
To ensure that a new student feels welcome, the teacher should
assign a responsible peer buddy to assist the new student.
Which of the following is an example of a teacher employing a nonverbal communication strategy?
using enthusiastic hand and eye gestures to introduce a unit on Florida history
A student is capable of completing assignments but often lacks the motivation to do so. Which strategy would address the problem directly?
creating an academic contract between the student and teacher
To ensure that ALL students are aware of the assignments required for a semester-long chemistry class, the teacher should
create a course outline and distribute a hard copy to each student.
According to Bloom's taxonomy, what is the lowest level of question in the cognitive domain that the teacher could use?
An elementary mathematics teacher uses the phrase "My dear Aunt Sally" to teach the order of operations. This phrase is an example of a
mnemonic device.
When a teacher reads aloud to students, which of the following strategies is the teacher using?
modeled reading
An instructional strategy in which students work in small, peer-assisted groups is
cooperative learning.
What type of curriculum is a teacher using when students are confronted with a scenario and asked to generate hypotheses and solutions?