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Module 3 Quiz & Test

acromegaly is caused from a hypersecretion of human growth hormone that occurs:

after puberty

Hyperglycemia, thirst, nausea, vomiting, and dry skin are all symptoms of:

diabetic coma

Diabetes insipidus is more common in:


Patients with type ____ diabetes do not usually require insulin to control blood glucose levels.


Dwarfism is the abnormal underdevelopment of the body of the hypopituitarism that occurs in:

infancy/ young children


decrease in size of a tissue or organ


decreased blood pressure


skin tension that is normal


pertaining to substances causing goiters


benign neoplasm in which cells are derived from glandular epithelium




spreading of malignant disease or pathogenic microogranisms from one organ to another not directly connected to it


difficulty in swallowing, usually caused by a lesion in the central nervous system


excessive urination


increase thirst


increased ingestion of food

Any dysfunction of the endocrine system results in a/an:

increase and decrease in secretion of hormones

At what age is puberty considered precocious in female adolescents?

before 8

Evaluation for cancer of the thyroid gland should be sought if the patient has:

painless lump or nodule of the thyroid gland

Addison's disease has a gradual onset and involves the:

adrenal glands

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