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Domains of the HELP
Cognitive, language, grossmotor, fine motor, social, slef help
age range of the Help
what is the purpose of the help
used for curriculum planning
parents considered a vital part of assessment process
what is the HELP useful for
Test would be helpful to see development of child throughout periods of time. Test would be very helpful in program planning: easy to identify next set of developmental skills, can use this information to plan specific experiences for that child.
Domains of the Developmental Profile 3 (DP3)
Social and Emotional Regulation Skills
Cognitive Skills
Communication Skills
Motor and Praxis Skills
Self Help/Adaptive Skills
what does the DP3 assess for
developmental delay
age range of the DP3
birth to 12:11
how many items are on the DP3
is the DP3 norm referenced or criterion
Norm referenced
what can the DP3 screen for
Pervasive Developmental Delay
Developmental Coordination Disorder
Learning Disabilities
Language Delays
how can the DP3 be used in the school system
Meets Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) guidelines for assessing developmental delay.
Determination for special services
Assists with Individualized Education Plan (IEP) development
how long does the DP3 take to administer
20-40 minutes
what setting is the DP3 appropriate for
Schools, Hospitals, Clinics, Homes
what does the pea body assess
gross and fine motor skills
what ages does the peabody assess
birth to 5
what are the six subtests of the peabody
reflexes, stationary (body control and equilibrium), locomotion, object manipulation, grasping, visual motor integration
is the peabody norm or criteron referenced
norm referenced
how are scores presented in th peabody
standard scores, age equivalents, percentiles
how much time does it take to administer the peabody
45-60 min.
what domains are tested by the Bruinicks
fine motor control, manual coordination, body coordination, strength and agility
how long does it take to administer the Bruininks
what is the age range of the Bruinicks
4 - 21 years
is the bruinicks norm referenced or criterion based
norm referenced
what domains are tested by the Bruinicks
fine motor and gross motor
what are the subtests of the bruininks
■Fine Motor Precision—7 items (e.g., cutting out a circle, connecting dots)
■Fine Motor Integration—8 items (e.g., copying a star, copying a square)
■Manual Dexterity—5 items (e.g., transferring pennies, sorting cards, stringing blocks)
■Bilateral Coordination—7 items (e.g., tapping foot and finger, jumping jacks)
■Balance—9 items (e.g., walking forward on a line, standing on one leg on a balance beam)
■Running Speed and Agility—5 items (e.g., shuttle run, one-legged side hop)
■Upper-Limb Coordination—7 items (e.g., throwing a ball at a target, catching a tossed ball)
■Strength—5 items (e.g., standing long jump, sit-ups)
what settings can the bruinicks be administered in
school, clinic, private office
what domains are looked at in the EDPA
fine and gross motor for prehension patterns
who was the EDPA specifically developed for
children with disabilities, but can be used to track development of patterns in normally developing children
what ages is the EDPA for
hildren with disabilities, but can be used to track development of patterns in normally developing children
how many items are on the EDPA
over 100 for each hand
how much time is required to administer the EDPA
30-60 min.
what settings can the EDPA be administered
home, school, clinic
what is the purpose of the Erhadt developmental vision asessment
measure visual-motor development
what ages is the EDVA used for
birth to 6 months
is the EDVA norm referenced or criterion referenced
what domains are tested by the EDVA
involuntary visual patterns (reflexes)
voluntary eye movements (cognitive-directive)
what settings can the EDVA be administered in
hospitals, schools. clinics,
is EDVA norm or criterion referenced
what is the age range of the EDVA
0-6 months
what does ETCH evaluate
manuscript and cirsive handwriting skills
what ages is the ETCH for
grades 1-6
is the ETCh criterion or norm referenced
how long does it take to administer the ETCH
15-25 minutes
how can the ETCH be used in the school system
can be used to create IEP goals and objectives
what does ETCH stand for
evaluation tool of children's handwriting
what is the primary focus of the ETCh
legibility and speed
what ages does the child sensory profile cover
3-4 and 5-10
what domain is looked at by the sensory profile
auditory, visual, activity level, tast/smell, body position, movement, touch, emotional/social
how is the sensory profile administered
as a caregiver questionnaire
how long does the sensory profile take to administer
30 min. for the questionnaire and 20-30 minutes to score
what is the sensory processing measure best for
a child has both sensory and behavior issues
what ages are covered by the sensory processing measure
5-12 years
what domains does the Sensory Processing measure cover
social participation, vision, hearing, touch, tast & smell, body awareness, balance & motion, planning & ideas
what differnt forms are there for the sensory processing measure
main classroom, school, environments, and home
who can administer the sensory processing measure
anyone who has know the child for 1 month in the environment being assessed
what is the SIPT the gold atandard for
integration dysfunction
what ages can be be assessed by the SIPT
4-8.11 year olds
what can be diagnosed using the SIPT
sensory modulation dysfunction, developmental dyspraxia, bilateral integration and sequencing dysfunction
how long does the SIPT take to administer
2.5 hours
what domains does the SIPT focus on
vestibular, tactile, proprioceptive
What is the purpose of the school function assessment
to measure a student's performance of functional tasks required to participate in the academic and social aspects of an elementary school program. This is a very comprehensive test
what is the age range for the School Function Assessment
K-6th grade
how long does the school function assessment take to administer
1.5-2 hours
what are some areas of the school function assessment
physical tasks, cognitive/behavioral tasks, tavel, using materials, functional communication
What domains are tested by the miller function and participation scale
visual motor, fine motor, gross motor
what ages are tested by the miller function and participation scale
how long does the miller function and particpation scale take to administer
40-60 minutes
what is unique about the millfer function and participation scale
it has a neurodevelopmental aspect
what settings is the miller function and participation scale used in
school, office, clinic, home, most quiet area with few distractions
What does the Beery test for
visual motor integration
what ages can be tested by the Beery
ages 2-18
what domains are tested by the Beery
visual perception and motor coordination
what are the task items like on the Beery
drawing and copying shapes