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noun - condition of having conflicting attitudes. The manager's ___ toward his star outfielder confused the sportswriters.


verb - to make better or more tolerable; to improve. In an effort to ___ the marriage relationship, the alcoholic agreed to a one-year period of abstinence.


adjective - careful. The lawyer struck us as aloof, but he was just being ___ .


adjective -having exceptional insight. The ___ woman is occasionally used in murder cases to help discover the body.


adjective - entirely without; lacking. The devious Kingsley was ___ of moral principles.


noun - a denunciation; bitter verbal attack. In a lengthy ___, the governor succeeded in deprecating her predecessor's record.


adjective - lasting for only a short time. Newspapers may be regarded as ___ publications whereas books have greater permanence.


noun - evenness of temper. Facing every crisis with ___, the president inspired confidence among the people.


adjective - too firmly fixed to be reformed or changed. Harry's ___ habit of smoking has impaired our relationship.


verb - to hurt the feelings of or make resentful; to arouse; to excite. Raising taxes to help balance the budget will only ___ the notional temper.


noun- a deep feeling of sorrow or guilt over a wrong one has done. Trudy felt ___ over having broken her promise.


verb - to look at very carefully; to inspect minutely. The umpire decided to ___ the ball after observing the strange movements of the pitcher.


noun - a principle, doctrine, or belief held as a truth by a group. Most people are not susceptible to deviation from the ___ they have been taught in their youth.


adjective - not readily noticeable; inconspicuous. Mr. Cottrell's ___ demeanor was perfect front for his undercover work.


verb - to defame; to slander; to cause a person to become vile. The general refused to ___ his subordinates and accepted the onus of the defeat himself

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