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  1. electromotive force, EMF
  2. resistance
  3. electricity
  4. electric circuit
  5. conductors
  1. a materials that allow electric charges to flow through them easily
  2. b opposition to the flow of electrons
  3. c force that makes electrons move
  4. d form of energy caused by moving electrons
  5. e path that an electric current follows

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  1. machine that makes electricity
  2. current in which electrons change direction at a regular rate
  3. unit used to measure electromotive force
  4. series of electrochemical cells connected together
  5. flow of electrons through a conductor

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  1. electrodepositive or negative pole of an electrochemical cell


  2. ampereseries of electrochemical cells connected together


  3. circuit breakercurrent in which electrons always flow in the same direction


  4. direct currentflow of electrons through a conductor


  5. parallel circuitcircuit in which electric current follows only one path (share electrical pressure)