21 terms

History Final - Fill in Blank

crucifixion, decapitation by sword, rape
5 forms of torture or slaughter endured by POWs, Chinese Prisoners, or civilians?
malaria, dysentery, beri - beri
3 common diseases suffered by POWs
stop invasion of Australia and control supply lines in SE Pacific
Important that Japs don't build airfield at Guadalcanal?
Henderson, marine pilot shot down at Midway
Name of airfield at Guadalcanal, why?
Pearl Harbor, December 7, 1941
IJN carrier Shoicoku had attacked American at least once before
imperial japanese navy, united states ship, her majesty's ship
Johnston and Samuel B Roberts
2 most aggressive ships on Taffy 3?
50 - 75 % loss of life
happened to both ships?
presidential unit citation
Award given to these sailors?
dates, friends injured, location
Things soldiers couldn't write
risk it being a dud, Japs wouldn't take it seriously unless there was a loss of life
2 reasons Truman did not launch demo bomb?
save POWs across Pacific, save Invasion force lives
Why did he drop the A - bomb?
shrinking an image or letter to the size of a period
what is the micro dot?
4,600 investigated
How many codes investigated?
How many secret spy letters of importance?
over 1 million
How many dangerous letters and cables intercepted?
Japanese announced surrender
Why was Aug 25, 1945 a historic and auspicious day?
Aug 6 and 9 1945
When were A bombs dropped?
bombing of cities like San Fransisco, NY, washington
what lies did Japanese tell about victories?
What navel battle the boat just been in?
How was the boat attacked?