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  1. Dred Scott v. Sandford
  2. 4th Amendment
  3. 20th Amendment
  4. 12th Amendment
  5. 25th Amendment
  1. a no illegal search and seizure
  2. b reflects dual federalism; slaves could not be taken away without due process;
  3. c presidential succession and disability
  4. d lame duck; January 20th begins presidency
  5. e election of the president; presidential ticket; electoral college

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  1. asserts Congressional control over interstate commerce
  2. right to a jury of your peers
  3. no quartering of troops
  4. right to keep and bare arms
  5. necessary and proper clause allowed the creation of the US Bank; "the power to tax involves the power to destroy"

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  1. judicial activismjudges interpret the Constitution to reflect current conditions and values (Sotomayor)


  2. Marbury v. Madisonexecutive privilege did not apply with the Watergate Tapes


  3. libertarianismbelief in the positive uses of government to bring about justice and equality of opportunity


  4. Article VIThe Supremacy Clause


  5. 53least number of electoral votes a state can have