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  1. Article I, Section 8
  2. 14th Amendment
  3. Dred Scott v. Sandford
  4. 26th Amendment
  5. Article IV
  1. a equal protection under the law; due process
  2. b Full Faith and Credit Clause
  4. d enumerated powers of Congress
  5. e reflects dual federalism; slaves could not be taken away without due process;

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  1. freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly
  2. no quartering of troops
  3. lame duck; January 20th begins presidency
  4. asserts Congressional control over interstate commerce
  5. right to keep and bare arms

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  1. bicameralism2-House legislature


  2. Article VIIRatification of the Constitution


  3. 25th AmendmentYOUR VOTE COUNTS!!!!


  4. 53number of representatives (districts) in CA


  5. constitutionalismlimited government ensures order, competitive markets, personal opportunity