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  1. 1st Amendment
  2. 4th Amendment
  3. Article V
  4. US v. Nixon
  5. Article I, Section 8
  1. a Amending the Constitution
  2. b freedom of speech, religion, press, assembly
  3. c enumerated powers of Congress
  4. d executive privilege did not apply with the Watergate Tapes
  5. e no illegal search and seizure

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  1. The Judiciary
  2. Those powers not mentioned in the Constitution are reserved for the states; 10th Amendment
  3. The Legislative Branch; Congress
  4. Those shared by the national and state governments
  5. right to keep and bare arms

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  1. 26th Amendmentpresidential succession and disability


  2. $400,000president's salary


  3. McCulloch v. Marylandasserts the power of judicial review


  4. 6th Amendmentright to a fair and speedy trial


  5. Elastic ClauseThe Executive Branch; the President


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