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  1. constitutionalism
  2. Article VII
  3. Article II
  4. Senator
  5. libertarianism
  1. a The Executive Branch; the President
  2. b 30 years old, 9 year citizen, 6 year term
  3. c checks and balances; separation of powers; federalism; rule of law; due process; bill of rights
  4. d sharply limited government, individual liberty, free market economy
  5. e Ratification of the Constitution

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  1. separation of powers/checks and balances
  2. Those shared by the national and state governments
  3. right to keep and bare arms
  4. judges interpret the Constitution to reflect current conditions and values (Sotomayor)
  5. enumerated powers of Congress

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  1. 22nd Amendment2 terms; 10 years total for the presidency


  2. Article IIIThe Judiciary


  3. 8th Amendmentno cruel and unusual punishment


  4. Federalist #10separation of powers/checks and balances


  5. Representative35 years old, natural born citizen, 14 years residency prior to running for office