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1 Modal

If you had ___, If you should ___

2 said

Many other people have often said that I am ___, it's been said that ___

3 Time

How soon ___, Which time ___, What time ____, When ___, Where ____

4 Negative Modal

You really shouldn't ___

5 Future time

You might find ___, From now on ___

6. Awareness

Do you realize ___, Are you aware that ___, I invite you to notice ___

7. Scarcity

Try to keep this on the low profile but, I have this very limited information that ___

8. Surprise

How would it feel if you ___, How surprised would you be to ___

9. Feints

I wouldn't tell you to ___ because ___. 2. I'm not going to tell you ___

10. Coldread

I have an intuition about you that ___, I'm an extremely good judge of character and ___

11. Important

I have a very important thing to tell you ___

12. Double bind

You can ___ or ___ it's your choice

13. Ultimatum

Don't talk to me about ___ unless you're ready to ___

14. Perhaps awareness

Perhaps you haven't become aware of the sensation ___ yet

15. Reinforcement

Your only saying that because you like me ___

16. Consequences

If you continue to think this way ___

17. Utilization

That's right your ____ because you haven't/have _____

18. Higher intent

Isn't ___ what's really important here

19. Ideal

Describe for me your ideal ____, So what your saying is _____, And what does having that mean to you?

20. Time stopper

Before you ___, do you want to ___

21. Golden Moment

Will today be the day that ___

22. Commitment

So the question is, are you serious about ___, Can I have your word on what?

23. Curiousity

Are you curious about ___, Aren't you just a little bit curious about ___

24. Anticipation

In a moment I'll tell you about ___

25. Interest

are you still interested in...

26. Visualize

Can/Could you (visualize/imagine/see) ___, What would it be like to be able to ____, What do you think would happen if ___

27. Nostalgia

Do you remember when ___, Do you ever ___

28. Modifier

Obviously ___, Clearly ___, Of course ___, Fortunately ___, Occasionally ___, Financially___, Spiritually___, Luckily___, Innocently ___, Remarkably ___, Sometimes__, Honestly ___ Warning ___.

29. Question

Can I ask you a question ___, Get your advice ___, pick your brain for a second ___

30. Intimacy

I would like to make a confession ___, give you a gift___, share a secret___, suggest that___

31. Favor

Will you do me a favor?

32. Challenge

I encourage ___, I dare ___, I challenge _,

33. Appreciation

THANK YOU ___, I really appreciate ___, I respect ___, I agree ___

34. Objections

Is there anything else you need to (go ahead with this) now? Aside from that one objection, is there anything else stopping you?

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