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  1. antagonism
  2. belittle
  3. antithesis
  4. arduous
  5. bombastic
  1. a hostility, active opposition
  2. b high-sounding; marked by us of language without much real meaning
  3. c direct opposite
  4. d to make something seem less important
  5. e hard to do; strenuous

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  1. to leave money or property by a will; to pass along
  2. discord; harsh sound
  3. independance, self-government
  4. stern in manner or apperence; strict in morals
  5. to waste away

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  1. authoritariana person who supports the principle of subjection to authority instead of individual freedom


  2. apocryphalto waste away


  3. articulateable to put one's thoughts into words easily and clearly


  4. buffoona clown; someone who amuses with tricks and jokes


  5. assuageto calm or soothe; to satisfy