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John C. Calhoun

Vice President of the U.S. and proponent of the idea of nullification (from South Carolina)

spoils system

The practice of appointing people to government jobs on the basis of party loyalty and support.

Tariff of Abominations

Tariff of 1828 that made imports extremely expensive.

caucus system

A system of selecting presidential candidates in which members of a political party chose the nominee for president


To withdraw.


The idea that states have the right to declare a federal law null or not valid

Daniel Webster

Senator from Massachusetts and opponent of nullification

Force Bill

Law that authorized the president to use the military to enforce acts of Congress

Trail of Tears

Forced march of the Cherokee in Georgia to Arkansas and Oklahoma, during which thousands died.

Panic of 1837

Economic crisis in which many blanks and businesses failed, thousands of farmers
lost their land and unemployment soared.

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