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Technology - Chapter 3 Vocabulary

Kassidy Skuza
Bulleted List
each item is a seperate paragraph formatted with a hanging indent
Building Blocks
built in designs such as headers and footers
general purpose graphics created by an artist using illistration software
adjusts the difference between the lightest and darkest areas
trims away the areas of the graphic that are not needed
usually used to include page number, file name author's name and date; displayed at the bottom of the page
usually used to include page number, file name author's name and date;displayed at the top of the page
file format for the documents viewed using a browser
often used for lists, outlines or entries
Line Spacing
space between lines of text in a paragraph
white regions around a text in a paragraph
how a document is divided into pages
used to position text within a line
Tab Leaders
character that is repeated to filll the space spanned by a tab
Tab Stop
specifies a location within the line of text
master document that includes the basic elements for particular types of documents
Text Wrapping
wraps text around a selected area
Why is formatting important?
It is applied to cells to make it easier to understand.
What effect does the margin size have on a document?
A margin will make the text more narrow or wider.
What is the purpose of including space between paragraphs?
This shows that there is another paragraph and you can add text in between the paragraphs later if needed.
What is the purpose of graphics in a document?
It brightens the document up and makes it more interesting to look at and captures your eye.
What is the name of a typical 8.5" * 11" paper?
It is a letter style piece of paper.
What feature can be turned on to display symbols identifying tabs, spaces, and enters?
The show/hide button.
Why is it beneficial to save a document as an HTML file?
You do not need word to view it, you just need a browser.
What is the purpose of a graphics "handle"?
It changes the size of a graphic and moves it.