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  1. Mettez-vous à l'aise.
  2. le petit-fils
  3. divorcé(e)
  4. Tu es vraiment casse-pieds!
  5. C'est gentil, mais j'ai un rendez-vous.
  1. a You're such a pain!
  2. b grandson
  3. c divorced
  4. d Make yourself comfortable.
  5. e That's nice of you, but I've got an appointment.

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  1. I'm happy to see you.
  2. great-grandfather
  3. What can I offer you?
  4. That's kind of you.
  5. I'd like some...

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  1. Ça suffit!That's enough!


  2. Oh, ça va, hien?You're welcome.


  3. l'arrière-grand-mèregreat-grandmother


  4. Je vous en prie.You're very welcome.


  5. Quand est-ce qu'on se revoit?I'm sorry for...