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English 1 Poetry Handout

What is poetry?
a musical contruct of human language in an elevated form
appeals to our emotions and souls
What is a lyric?
1. Lyric comes from the Greek word Lyre to mean music. A poem that feeds the ear. Meant for the ear but feeds the eyes of the soul
2. has a visual feel and image to it. it gives you a picture
What is the object of poetry?
It satisfies human need for beauty and enjoyment. It has the potential to shape your soul. Power to landscape your soul. Has the ability to make our soles richer. Connect with God's world.
How is poetry different than prose?
Prose is not in stanza form complete sentences. Prose is capable of saying the same thing as poetry but in a much longer form. Analogy of Espresso to Coffee. Poetry is like Espresso concentrated, strong and powerful one shot of espresso = 3 cups coffee. Prose is like Coffee - whole cup to get the full effect.
How should we approach poetry as readers?
Attitude should be humble and willing to learn, open to what it can teach you. Seek to enjoy it first for its sound and sight more so than just the analysis of the poem.
What can poetry do for us?
It can lead us to truth. Language is our main vehicle for truth. Poetry makes claims on how things work we have to analyze to make sure it is true.
Ithaca theme
Destination vs. journey The journey is mor important than the destination. You can't have the Journey without the destination. Finding Purpose
What is important about the journey?
The journey is just as important as the destination - take time to learn, gain wisdom and have adventure - Remember we can always make more money but never gain more time.
What does Ithaca represent?
Not just the physical destination but symbolizes life or living the good and upright life. Ultimate goal - without a destination you are lost in your journey
Images of Ithaca
Poseidon, Cyclops, Laistrygonians, summer morning, coral, mother of pearl, ebony, perfumes, Ithaca
Symbols in Ithaca
Cyclops, Laistrygonians represent trials.
Perfumes, coral, etc represent blessings. Its the journey of life...what life has to offer.
What does Poseidon, Cyclops and the Lystrogians symbolize in the poem?
Our inner turmoil and fears - the biggest obstacles in our lives are our inner thinkings.
What does Egypt on the journey represent?
Symbolizes great learning because at the time the world's largest library was in Alexandria
What does the Phonecian market place represent?
The pleasures of living in this world.
Diction of Ithaca
Formal language
Meter of Ithaca
Rhyme Scheme of Ithaca
Important Rhymes of Ithaca
Theme of Uphill
Possibly about Death but also about seems to give hope of after death. Nothing surer in life than death.
Images of Uphill
Road, bed for rest,inn, night, darkness
Symbols of Uphill
road symbolizes life
restingplace symbolizes rest after life has ended
night or twilight symbolizes end of your life
darkness symbolizes death
Diction of Uphill
Meter of Uphill
Rhyme Scheme of Uphill
Questions rhyme and answers rhyme in each four lines
Important Rhymes of Uphill
Questioner lines rhyme and Answer lines rhyme