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  1. joint ventue
  2. negotiated fee schedules
  3. Forms of alternative delivery system
  4. Conglomerate
  5. good faith
  1. a health maintanence organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs)
  2. b honesty of intention
  3. c the process of consideration of offers until an offer is accepted.
  4. d a group of persons together performing some business undertaking
  5. e a corporation diversifying operations by aquiring varied enterprises. A large group of corporations.

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  1. responsibility to uphold the quality of care in patients
  2. those elected and terminated by stockholders to management responsibility in a corporation.
  3. one who agrees to buy or belong for a period of time
  4. payment in a lump sum to physicians.
  5. unit of stock giving the possessor part ownership

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  1. Probable causeLikely to com about; looking forward to the future.


  2. inferencesbetween two or more states


  3. facially neutraltreat all employees equally


  4. Two methods used to control health care costsnegotiated fee schedules and utilization reviews


  5. Discriminationpayment in a lump sum to physicians.