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  1. fee-for-service
  2. stockholders
  3. discrimination may be shown by
  4. inferences
  5. Creditors
  1. a those whom money is owed.
  2. b those who held intrest in a corporation
  3. c basis of professional billing, either so much per hour or per identified procedure
  4. d disparate treatment or disparate impact
  5. e a process of reasoning by which a fact is deduced as a logical consequence of other facts

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  1. Ownership of a business by one person.
  2. Related medical groups contributing thier diagnosis of the nature of a patient's disease upon which standardized fees are based.
  3. a group of persons together performing some business undertaking
  4. Likely to com about; looking forward to the future.
  5. the force of impression of some thing on a another

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  1. capitationpayment in a lump sum to physicians.


  2. interstatea marked differeb=nce between two things


  3. negligent per seconduct that is against common knowledge that, by its act, without arguement, can be declared negligent


  4. Discriminationfailure to treat all persons equally.


  5. managementdirection or administration of the affairs of a person, business, or organization.


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