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  1. good faith
  2. collective bargaining
  3. venue
  4. Notice
  1. a the area where the court may try a case
  2. b An announcement written or displayed.
  3. c attempt to acheive collection agreements
  4. d honesty of intention
  5. e unit of stock giving the possessor part ownership

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  1. distrubuted profits of a corporation
  2. conduct that is against common knowledge that, by its act, without arguement, can be declared negligent
  3. health maintanence organizations (HMOs) and Preferred Provider Organization (PPOs)
  4. those elected and terminated by stockholders to management responsibility in a corporation.
  5. Likely to com about; looking forward to the future.

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  1. Probable causehaving more evidence for than against


  2. discrimination may be shown byfailure to treat all persons equally.


  3. Diagnostic related groups (DRGs)the process of consideration of offers until an offer is accepted.


  4. Conglomeratedirection or administration of the affairs of a person, business, or organization.


  5. facially neutraltreat all employees equally