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awareness and respons to God, listen and look for God in ppl around, starting pt for prayer, confession, look for insights, respond to God's presence


open minded, honest feelings and concerns


conversation with self, realize self-image, reflect on experiences, honest, find strengths and limitations, work through problems, prevent mind from wandering, measuring rod for consistency


reflect 5 min a day, sincere attitude, private, relax, let words flow, write about anything, keep it safe

Mother Theresa



realization through journaling and conversation with self

Image of God


Religious Fundamentalism


Global Village

Community, different questions require different responses

Yom Kippur

day Edith Stein was born, Jewish holiday for Day of Atonement, sacrifice









Christian Life

the real human life in which our beliefs and values are embodied and expressed within relationships




Marian devotion, cloistered nuns


focus on edu, preachers

Christian Spirituality

our life in the Spirit of God, Christian Life in which our beliefs are embodied, spirit guides, natures and consoles us


nuns, educational women


Personal -
Inward: meditation, prayer, fasting, study
Outward: simplicity, stewardship, solitude, submission, service
Corporate -
Body of Believers: confession/worship - guidance/celebration
Purpose - Spiritual Growth

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