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The _____ command is used to load Event Viewer.


The tools used to update device drivers are _____ and _____________.

Microsoft Windows Update, Device Manager

The ____________________ option starts Windows normally and creates a log file of the drivers as they are loaded into memory.

Enable Boot Logging

Use the ____________________ Advanced Startup Option for Windows Vista or Windows 7 if you need to disable required driver signatures at boot-up.

Disable Driver Signature Enforcement

Your system won't boot, and you suspect that a virus has corrupted the boot sector of your system partition. To fix this problem, you enter ____________________ in the Recovery Console.


Your system won't boot, and you suspect that the boot.ini file is corrupt. To fix this problem, you enter ____________________ in the Recovery Console.

bootcfg /rebuild

The Windows Stop Error is also known as the ____________________.

Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

The installation sequence has to be performed manually if an installation CD lacks a(n) ____________________ installation program.


Unsigned drivers will not be installed if the ____________________ option is selected from the Driver Signing Options dialog box.


The Windows Vista ____________________ improves upon the older Performance Console by adding a Resource Overview and a Reliability Monitor.

Reliability and Performance Monitor

Each time you successfully start and log on to your system, a portion of the Registry is saved. To access this, you can press F8 to get to the Advanced Startup Options and select _________.

Last Known Good Configuration

In Windows 2000 and XP, virtual memory can be set via the _____________ within System Properties?

Performance Settings or Performance Options

Windows XP Performance Options has three tabs called ____________________, ____________________, and ____________________.

Visual Effects, Advanced, Data Execution Prevention

In the Performance Console, a counter tracks specific information about a(n) ____________________.


A user has reconfigured the refresh rate on his monitor such that it no longer displays. To be able to access the settings, you would select ____________________ from the Advanced Startup Options menu.

Enable VGA Mode (2000/XP) or Enable Low-Resolution Mode (Vista)

The ____________________ Recovery Console command clears the screen.


The ____________________ Recovery Console command lists all services on the system.


The ____________________ Recovery Console command displays the contents of a text file.

more or type

Many programs load at startup. The Windows XP ____________________ utility allows you to see and maintain every program or service that loads at startup.

System Configuration or MSCONFIG.EXE

The Windows ____________________ System Configuration utility offers Normal, Diagnostic, or Selective startup troubleshooting options.


If you are having a problem running an application that worked in Windows XP, you should try running it using ____________________ in Windows Vista.

Compatibility Mode

An ____________________ backup includes only files with the archive bit turned on. It copies only the files that have been changed since the last backup and then turns off the archive bits.


Neither the Emergency Repair Disk nor the Automated System Recovery back up ____________________ files.


The ____________________ tool can be used in Safe Mode to access the properties of all the devices.

Device Manager

The system file checker helps ensure that critical DLLs are not modified. To force it to run immediately, you could enter the ____________________ command.

sfc /scannow

Windows starts in the ____________________ mode when the Debugging Mode choice is selected.

kernel debug

You can perform Error-checking by using the ____________________ command from a command line or right-click a drive, select Properties then Tools, and click ____________________.

CHKDSK, Check now

The Windows Vista ____________________ file is used to detect boot corruption and will display an error screen with possible ways to fix recent hardware or software changes.


The ____________________ tab in the Task Manager is used to shut down locked-up processes.


The ____________________ Wizard in Windows XP allows a user to configure the update program.

Automatic Updates Setup

The Update Driver button in the device's Properties box opens the ____________________ Wizard.

Hardware Update

The ____________________ applet in the Windows Vista Control Panel is used to uninstall or change a program.

Programs and Features

To uninstall or run many programs in Windows Vista with administrative privileges, you can right-click the program and select ____________________.

Run as administrator

Device drivers that prevent Windows from loading often produce the infamous ___________________.

Windows Stop error or Blue Screen of Death (BSoD)

The ____________________ tab in the Windows XP Performance Options dialog box has the settings for processor scheduling, memory usage, and virtual memory.


The ____________________ settings in the Windows XP Performance Options dialog box enable a user to allocate a greater share of memory to either programs or the system cache.

Memory usage

The ____________________ tool in Windows XP is used to measure system performance.

Performance Console

Windows supports the ____________________ feature, which looks for a file called autorun.inf when removable media are inserted into a computer.


In Windows Vista, you should select ____________________ in the System Recovery Options to restore Windows to an earlier point in time.

System Restore

The best way to recover from a bad Registry load is to use the ____________________ boot option.

Last Known Good Configuration

In Windows XP, ____________________ starts up Windows loading only very basic drivers for mouse, VGA monitor, keyboard, mass storage, and system services.

Safe Mode

The ____________________ utility allows you to get rid of unnecessary Downloaded Program Files, Temporary Internet Files, and Offline Webpages.

Disk Cleanup

The ____________________ Recovery Console command writes a new partition boot sector on the system partition.


The ____________________ Recovery Console command is used to remove a directory.

rd or rmdir

The Ntbtlog.txt file is saved in the ____________________ folder.


From the Windows Advanced Startup Options menu, if you decide that you just want to start Windows like normal, without rebooting, choose the _____________________ option.

Start Windows Normally

A(n) _______________ backup is identical to incremental backup, except it doesn't turn off the archive bits.


The tool used to back up files and folders in Windows XP is called _____________.

Backup Utility

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