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Nutrition: An Applied Approach Exam 1 Review Questions

inorganic nutrients that are not broken down by the human body or destroyed by heat or light are called:


what is the primary source of fuel for the brain?


the BRSS is the government

survey that tracks lifestyle habits that increase risks for developing chronic diseases

according to the AMDR, what % of your daily calories should be provided by carbohydrates?


"wellness" is a multidimensional process that includes one's physical, emotion, social, occupational, and spiritual health


nutrition is a relatively new scientific discipline: true or false


A "drink" is defined as the amount of a beverage that provides ____ fluid ounce of pure alcohol


the need to drink larger and larger amounts of alcohol to get the equivalent pleasurable sensations associated with alcohol intake is referred to as:


if someone passes out after a night of hard drinking, he or she should be left alone to "sleep it off"


the four characteristics of a healthful diet are adequacy, balance, moderation, and ____


which of the following foods is exempt from standard food labeling regulations:

a. grains
b. processed foods
c. meat
d. organic foods


the Dietary Guidelines for Americans follows a standardized definition of a serving side for each food: true or false


note: which of the following is a good food safety practice to employ when consuming or cooking eggs?

answer: casseroles made with eggs should reach an internal temperature of 160º F before being eaten


note: which of the following is a FALSE statement regarding the proper refrigeration and freezing of food?

answer: thaw frozen meat and poultry on the kitchen counter


name an antioxidant added to food as a preservative:

vitamin C

it's unsafe to thaw frozen chicken on the counter: true or false


microwave cooking kills all the bacteria present in food: true or false


the most common nutritional definition worldwide is ____


in the US food insecurity is caused by the lack of enough food produced to feed all the people who live in poverty: true or false


which types of fats should be included in a healthful diet?

mono and polyunsaturated fats

note: challenges to healthy eating when dining out include all of the following except: limited choice


many of the general nutrient recommendations that we often see are based up ____ calorie diet


vitamin C and B are termed:

water-soluble vitamins

Lauren's friend has recommended that she take a vitamin C supplement before undergoing oral surgery. Lauren is concerned about consuming too much of the supplement. which of the following nutrient standards would assist Lauren in determine the highest amount of the supplement that would be safe for her to consume?

a. EER
b. UI
d. RDI


note: double-bind, placebo-controlled, random-selected


note: which of the following BEST describes minerals:

answer: inorganic micronutrients found in a variety of foods


the Dietary Reference Intakes (DRI) are dietary standards that should be applied only to healthy individuals: true or false


protein is the only macronutrient that contains the element nitrogen: true or false


moderate alcohol intake is defined as two days/day for men and ____ drink/s per day for women


for males, binge drinking is defined as consuming ____ or more alcoholic drinks on one occasion within a short period of time; for females, binge drinking is defined as consuming 5 or more alcoholic drinks on one occasion within a short period of time


the information provided on a food label that identifies how much a serving of food contributes to your intake of nutrients based on a 2,000 calorie a day diet is called the:

% daily value

one of the limitations to MyPyramid is that the portion recommendations may not be equal to the common serving sizes identified on food labels: true or false


why is rBGH given to many US dairy cows?

to increase milk production without increasing feed (or to increase muscle while decreasing fat)

Hepatitis A is a food-borne virus that can result in ____ damage


all additives are synthetic: true or false


foods of plant origin are the most common sources of food-borne illness: true or false


crops grown to be exported to other countries and not for local consumption are called ____ crops


transgenic crops are also known as GMOs (genetically modified organisms): true or false


which nutrient would be lacking from your diet if you don't eat vegetables such as carrots, leafy greens, sweet potatoes, and squash?

vitamin A

note: safety issues associated with cooking in residence halls include all of the following except:

answer: having 2 refrigerators in the same room


which of the following is an inorganic nutrient?

a. Vitamin A
b. Carbohydrates
c. Lipids
d. Calcium


a slice of pumpkin bread contains 5 grams of fat, 40 grams or carbohydrates, and 5 grams of protein. what % of the bread's calories are from fat?


poor nutrition is strongly associated with three chronic diseases that are among the top 10 causes of death in the US: true or false


because water does not provide any calories to the body, scientists do not consider it a nutrient: true or false


complete avoidance of all alcoholic beverages is the only way for most people who abuse alcohol to achieve full and ongoing recovery: true or false


why are there several ethnic variations on MyPyramid?

to allow for culturally and ethnically different food choices

Jack is a college athlete who requires 2,800 kilocalories a day to support his total energy needs. even though Jack likes many different foods and makes it a point to try new things, he consumes only approximately 1,600 kilocalories a day. which of the characteristics of a healthy diet is Jack missing?


Food companies are prohibited from using nutrient or health claims in food labels that are not approved by the FDA


the US Department of Agriculture regulates ____ farming standards in the US


the easiest and most effective way to prevent food-borne illness is:

wash hands before handling food

a process that uses gamma rays to eliminate harmful bacteria in meat and poultry is called ____


food intoxications result from consuming foods in which microbes have secreted poisonous toxins: true or false


all preservatives must be listed on the label: true or false


food ____ is a situation in which people are unable to obtain enough food to meet their daily physical needs


there is very little a single individual can do to solve the problem of undernutrition and hunger in the world today: true or false


what nutrient would be lacking from your diet if you didn't eat milk, cheese, soy milk, tofu, yogurt or spinach?


note: all of the following as symptoms/side effects of ketosis EXCEPT:

answer: high blood cholesterol


an important source of energy for muscles during times of rest and low-intesity exercise is:


overconsumption of ____ has the greatest potential for toxicity

vitamin D

note: National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) collected dietary information of Americans by using a/n:

answer: personal interview that collects information from a 24-hour diet recall


protein's primary role is to provide energy for the body: true or false


vitamins provide 4 kilocalories per gram: true or false


women absorb a greater percentage of a given alcohol intake as compared to men of the same size: true or false


Juanita doesn't care for meat and poultry and restricts her intake of animal foods to only milk and yogurt sources. which dietary guideline is Julie failing to practice?


the FDA regulates nutrition labels and the description of information found on food packages: true or false


according to the Centers for Disease Control, the majority of food infections are caused by:


give an example of a neurotoxin:

clostridium botulinum

note: which statement is FALSE about fungi causing adverse food reactions?

answer: many species of fungi can cause serious illness in otherwise healthy people


fungi are rarely associated with food infections: true or false


flavoring agents and colorings are derived from both natural and synthetic sources: true or false


the World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that by 2020, deaths due to diabetes will increase worldwide by more than ____ percent


the type of undernutrition that affects toddlers who have recently been weaned from breast milk and oven a diet that is severely lacking in protein is:

protein deficit malnutrition

the number of people suffering from hunger worldwide is decreasing: true or false


name a fruit/vegetable that is only at its peak in the summer


the ____ is the leading federal agency int he US that protects human health and safety


a double-blind experiment is one in which neither the researchers not participants know which group is assigned to which treatment: true or false


macronutrients are nutrients that contain the element nitrogen: true or false


8 ounces (1 cup) of beer is equivalent to 1 drink: true or false


the government agency that regulates food labeling the US is the:


the recommendations presented in USDA Food Guide separate high-fat and high-calorie food choices from low-fat and low-calorie alternatives


note: which of the following is NOT an antioxidant used in the processing of food:

answer: propionic acid


the antibiotic-resistant bacteria that is thought to result from the use of antibiotics in animals is:

MRSA (methacillen-resistent staphylococcus aureus)

temperature danger zone for bacterial growth?


clostridium botulinum thrives in an acidic environment: true or false


sulfites have been banned by the FDA and are no longer found in the US food supply: true or false


the lack of which nutrient in the diet can lead to night blindness in children?

vitamin A

individuals who live in poverty are sermon obese: true or false


what nutrient would be lacking from your diet if you didn't eat lentils, fruits, vegetables, or whole grains?


the type of study that compares a group of individuals with a disease to another similar but healthy group is called a(n):

case control study

the group oven a specific treatment or intervention during an experiment is called the ____ group


a beverage that contains 20 grams of alcohol mixed with a diet soda has approximately 140 kilocalories: true or false


alcohol provides ____ kilocalories per gram and has no appreciable nutritional value


women who are breastfeeding should abstain from alcohol as it easily passes into the breast milk at levels equal to blood alcohol concentrations: true or false


servings in the USDA Food Guide are represented in:


the Dietary Guidelines are a set of principles designed but the WHO for all developing and developed countries: true or false


it's estimated that over ____ % of the US population has symptoms of food-borne illness without knowing or reporting it


bacteria causes the majority of food infections: true or false


a child who is shorter than his or her expected height for age is suffering from:


the USDA is responsible for the ____ of foods and surplus commodity foods during an emergency


worldwide, the majority of deaths seen in undernourished children are due to infection: true or false


how are foods listed on an ingredient list?

by weight used in the food from most to least

note: taking charge of your fast food and restaurant experiences include all of the following except:

answer: not eating out


fats are soluble in water: true or false


Alzheimer's disease is strongly associated with dietary choices: true or false


which nutrient contains nitrogen?


which dietary standard, expressed as percentages of total energy, defines the recommended intake range for the macronutrients?

AMDR (acceptable macronutrient distribution range)

minerals contain a chemical structure that cannot be broken down during digestion: true or false


MyPyramid recommends that all grain sources be whole grain: true or false


mycotoxins are most commonly found in:

grains and peanuts

monosodium glutamate, iodine added to table salt, and calcium added to orange juice are all examples of:


organically grown foods are more nutritious than conventionally grown foods: true or false


to avoid consuming mercury, pregnant and breastfeeding women and young children are advised to avoid large predatory fish: true or false


note: suggestions for healthy eating in the dining hall include all of the following except:

answer: eat meals at the same time everyday


in the body, the major storage sites for glycogen are the muscles and:


for dinner, Carol consumes 250 grams of carbs, 50 grams of protein, and 30 grams of fat. in addition, Carol decides that she wants a glass of wine with her meal. if she drinks one glass of wine containing 10 grams of alcohol, how many total kilocalories does she consume in this meal?

1,540 kilocalories

all nutrients are divided into ____ classes


irregular breathing, cold and clammy skin, and loss of consciousness are all signs of:

alcohol poisoning

the proper steps developed for canning foods ensures that all endospores of ____ ____ are eliminated when followed carefully

clostridium botulinum

which natural preservation method doesn't limit spoilage by drawing water out of foods (thereby making them inhospitable to bacterial growth)?


the safety of raw seafood cannot be guaranteed; it should always be cooked to reduce the risk of food borne illness: true


fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) is a serious condition that is associated with physical birth defects and mental retardation: true or false


diets high in sugar/starch are directly associated with:

tooth decay

since 1990, food labels have been required on all fresh meat and poultry: true or false


the primary method used to preserve Parma ham is by adding ____


pasteurization was first developed to kill microorganisms in ____


the original objective in the development of GMOs was to:

increase crop protection from pesticides and herbicides

organic farmers cannot use pesticides: true or false


vitamin C and the B vitamins are termed:

water-soluble vitamins

the building blocks of proteins are called:

amino acids

your grandmother has recently been diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. which of the following professionals is most likely to be qualified to offer your grandmother assistance in planning her diabetic diet?

registered dietitian (RD)

cryogenics is a new area of research that seeks to uncover the links between our genes, our environment and our diet: true or false


milk is a good source of calcium but a poor source of iron; meat is a good source of iron but a poor source of calcium. individuals who eat from both of these food groups are incorporating what characteristic of a healthy diet into their meal plan?


a low amount of humidity can affect the survival and reproduction of food microorganisms: true or false


1/2 of your plate should be:

fruits and vegetables

name a monosaccharide


note: which of the following describes vitamins A, D, E and K?

answer: potentially toxic


the ___ is the standard used to estimate the daily nutrient needs of half of all healthy individuals

EAR (estimated average requirement)

the macronutrients include carbohydrates, lipids and proteins: true or false


on average, a healthy individual can metabolize the equivalent of ____ drink/s per hour


the ____ is the primary site of alcohol metabolism in the body


there is no single dietary modification plan appropriate for all individuals: true or false


two types of fungi are:

molds and yeasts

note: foods of animal origin are the most commonly associated with food-borne illnesses


in developed countries, the major cause of malnutrition is:

the unequal distribution of available food

death in infants who suffer from malnutrition is usually the result of:

decreased resistance to infectious diseases

in order to ensure adequate fiber intake you should make ____ your grains whole grains


what item best represents, in terms of size, a single serving a meat?

a deck of cards

the term nutritionist has no definition or laws regulating it: true or false


moderate alcohol consumption increases "good" (HDL) cholesterol and lowers "bad" (LDL) cholesterol: true or false


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