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  1. arrythmia
  2. IVU (intravenous urogram)
  3. P wave
  4. collimater
  5. Check cable connections
  1. a A box-like device attached under the tube housing that allows the limited operator to vary the size of the radiation field
  2. b If there is an ec recording with interruptions what should you do?
  3. c atrial (atrium) depolarization
  4. d irregular cardiac rhythm
  5. e What is used to detect kidney stones, tumors, and other abnormalities of the urinary tract?

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  1. Greatest deflection on ECG is the _______.
  2. In an ecg where does the electricity come from?
  3. pertaining to the head
  4. lying on side
  5. Atrial depolarization

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  1. V-tachthe electrode is placed horizontal to V4 in the left anxillary line


  2. palmarpalm of the hand


  3. SV or sievertdevice used to measure the radiation exposure that personnel receive


  4. AC interferenceappears as a series of uniform small spikes on the paper