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  1. elevated ST segments, inverted t waves, abnormal Q waves
  2. lateral
  3. Lead I
  4. transducer
  5. prone
  1. a Three most common changes to indicate MI are?
  2. b The part of the xray machine that is in contact with the patient It sends high frequency sound waves and receives the sound echos from the patients body.
  3. c Between Right arm and left arm
  4. d pertaining to the side
  5. e Lying face down

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  1. Patient in APU position would be
  2. lying on side
  3. The horizontal line on an ecg represents?
  4. The electrode is placed horizontal to v4 in the left midaxillary line.
  5. which type of scan does not provide clear images?

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  1. Parkinsons diseaseWhen the tracing of an ECG drifts away from the center of the paper, also called baseline shift. (tell patient to sit still)


  2. internalaway from the head


  3. diastoleheart is resting


  4. Nothe electrode is placed in 4th intercostal space just to the right of the sternum.


  5. arrythmiairregular cardiac rhythm