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  1. heart
  2. V-tach
  3. lateral recumbent
  4. 25mm per second
  5. IVU (intravenous urogram)
  1. a In an ecg where does the electricity come from?
  2. b lying on side
  3. c What is used to detect kidney stones, tumors, and other abnormalities of the urinary tract?
  4. d fast pulse
  5. e standard speed for ecg recording is ________ _________ __________.

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  1. Between Right arm and left arm
  2. which type of scan does not provide clear images?
  3. dense tissue that appears white on film
  4. Patient prep for an ECG should includes using _______ __________ to prepare patients skin.
  5. Diagnostic imaging A noninvasive procedure using instrumentation that seeks to establish a diagnosis by observing body structure and/or function

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  1. P waveAtrial depolarization


  2. uprightstanding or seated


  3. c/kgThe international unit of radiation exposure


  4. SV or sievertThe international unit of radiation dose equivilent


  5. transverse planedivides the body into superior and inferior portions