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  1. 25mm per second
  2. heart
  3. alcohol swabs
  4. transducer
  5. internal
  1. a Patient prep for an ECG should includes using _______ __________ to prepare patients skin.
  2. b inside, within, inner
  3. c In an ecg where does the electricity come from?
  4. d The part of the xray machine that is in contact with the patient It sends high frequency sound waves and receives the sound echos from the patients body.
  5. e standard speed for ecg recording is ________ _________ __________.

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  1. What is used to detect kidney stones, tumors, and other abnormalities of the urinary tract?
  2. negative leads Qrs code shows a negative deflection
  3. Normal sinus rhythm
  4. Three most common changes to indicate MI are?
  5. Which disease can cause somatic tremors?

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  1. QRS complexGreatest deflection on ECG is the _______.


  2. Dexa scanmeasures bone density


  3. lateralpertaining to the side


  4. v6The electrode is placed horizontal to v4 in the left midaxillary line.


  5. artifactsfast pulse