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  1. upright
  2. PVC (preventricular contractions)
  3. heart
  4. arthrogram
  5. sonogram
  1. a standing or seated
  2. b Miss the P wave.
  3. c an image formed by an ultrasound machine
  4. d an X ray of a joint after the injection of a contrast medium
  5. e In an ecg where does the electricity come from?

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  1. If there is an ec recording with interruptions what should you do?
  2. Is and ecg an invasive procedure?
  3. fluorescent crystals that give off light when exposed to x-rays
  4. pertaining to the head
  5. Standard limb leads are ____________ leads.

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  1. systoleheart is pumping


  2. 60 to 80 bpmComputerized, computed tomography scan


  3. alcohol swabsPatient prep for an ECG should includes using _______ __________ to prepare patients skin.


  4. recumbentlying down


  5. REMThe conventional unit of radiation dose equivilent