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  1. flutter
  2. Ventricular depolarization
  3. standard leads
  4. gantry
  5. AC interference
  1. a What are ectopic atrial beats called?
  2. b doughnut-shaped portion of a scanner that surrounds the patient and functions, at least in part, to gather imaging data
  3. c Lead I, Lead II, Lead III
  4. d QRS represents
  5. e appears as a series of uniform small spikes on the paper

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  1. Patient in APU position would be
  2. an image formed by an ultrasound machine
  3. the electrode is placed in 5th intercostal space just to the left of the midclavicular line.
  4. sinus arrhythmia is _________.
  5. Lead II on ECG

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  1. distalfarther from the point of attachment


  2. elevated ST segments, inverted t waves, abnormal Q wavesThree most common changes to indicate MI are?


  3. collimaterA box-like device attached under the tube housing that allows the limited operator to vary the size of the radiation field


  4. caudaltoward the tailbone; away from head


  5. externalsinus arrhythmia is _________.