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  1. REM
  2. distal
  3. arrythmia
  4. SV or sievert
  5. collimater
  1. a A box-like device attached under the tube housing that allows the limited operator to vary the size of the radiation field
  2. b The conventional unit of radiation dose equivilent
  3. c irregular cardiac rhythm
  4. d farther from the point of attachment
  5. e The international unit of radiation dose equivilent

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  1. appears as a series of uniform small spikes on the paper
  2. pertaining to the side
  3. Lead I, Lead II, Lead III
  4. the electrode is placed horizontal to V4 in the left anxillary line
  5. Three most common changes to indicate MI are?

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  1. c/kgThe international unit of radiation exposure


  2. proximalcloser to the point of attachment


  3. repolarizationSole of foot


  4. rhythm stripWhich type of scan uses magnets instead of radiation?


  5. v1 - V2atrial (atrium) depolarization