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APUSH Essay Prompts

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- articles of confederation they failed and they started over continental congress was formed to write constitution parties formed right off the bat when they were writing the constitution and the debate over The Bill of Rights democratic republicans believed that we needed the bill of rights and wouldn't ratify constitution without it mostly western and southern states federalists believed that there was no need for the bill of rights the federalist stronghold was it the New England area
-articles of confederation (attempts to be able to rise)
-Declaration of Independence
-Shay's Rebellion
-Bad Trade relations with British
-went from being prosperous in trade to having a ton of national debt to worry about
-out producing, which was prosperous
-taxes had to be implemented
-taxes on foreign products to stimulate their own economy
-industrialize america???
-they needed a plan to bail themselves out of debt:
Bank of the united states
-we all must literally invest in the country
-common sense (T paine)
-sons of liberty
-loyalists vs patriots
created more equality for white men
white male property owners could vote
-the Revolution saw the dawn of an organized abolitionist movement.
- English traditions such as land inheritance laws were swept away almost immediately (primogeniture)
. The Anglican Church in America could no longer survive.
Thesis: The american revolution changed the society by forcing it to break away from British ideas and build their own beliefs, ideas, and rules in politics, the economy, and society itself.