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  1. c. National institute of Justice
  2. c. 1878
  3. b. Train staff.
  4. b. A double gate that control all transportation in and out of the prison perimeter.
  5. b. Teach religious doctrine
  1. a 2. Probation became an official sanction, supported by state statute, in what year?
    a. 1812
    b. 1856
    c. 1878
    d. 1907
  2. b 9. What is a sally port?
    a. A derogatory term for an inmate.
    b. A double gate that control all transportation in and out of the prison perimeter.
    c. The main entrance door to a prison
    d. The mess hall
  3. c 16. The general treatment model has all of the following goals except which listed below?
    a. Motivates inmates toward law-abiding behavior
    b. Teach religious doctrine
    c. Lessens criminal inclinations
    d. Lessens criminal behavior
  4. d 4. Several organizations have contributed the adoption of standards for jails. Which of the following is NOT one of these institutions?
    a. National Institute of Corrections
    b. American jail association
    c. National institute of Justice
    d. American correctional association
  5. e 3. A prison warden (superintendent) is typically responsible for all of the following duties except:
    a. Deal with politicians, the media, and other administrators.
    b. Train staff.
    c. Oversee prison operations.
    d. Supervise staff.

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  1. 1. The basic reason for punishment include all of the following reasons except:
    a. Retribution
    b. Incapacitation
    c. Rehabilitation
    d. Deterrence
  2. 8. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004) estimated that the average jail population nation-wide on any given day is approximately how many inmates?
    a. 120,000 jail inmates
    b. 267,000 jail inmates
    c. 423,000 jail inmates
    d. 714,000 jail inmates
  3. 19. Home detention has several advantages over incarceration. Which of the following is NOT one of them?
    a. Home detention generally costs less than incarceration.
    b. Home detention may cause "net widening" in punishment.
    c. Home detention is thought to help control prison population growth.
    d. Home detention offers a flexible alternative for certain offenders (such as pregnant offenders).
  4. 8. Probation is characterized by all of the following statements except:
    a. Probation is not a sanction of confinement
    b. The correctional system is given sole responsibility to supervise probationers.
    c. Probation is characterized by conditions imposed on the offender that governs release into the community
    d. Recent developments in technology have increased the ability to monitor probationers' behavior.
  5. 14. Drug Courts were created to do which of the following?
    a. To increase the level of supervision of offenders over that of ISPs.
    b. To lower the rate of recidivism compared to that of ISPs.
    c. To divert drug-abusing offenders to intensively monitored treatment instead of incarceration.
    d. To more effectively utilize the principles of effective intervention.

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  1. c. Small pox2. Probation became an official sanction, supported by state statute, in what year?
    a. 1812
    b. 1856
    c. 1878
    d. 1907


  2. a. When one of the treatment staff is sick, the position must be filled in order to maintain "minimal critical staffing."7. Restorative justice purports all of the following elements listed below except
    a. Crime creates the obligation to make things right
    b. Make amends to the victim and community
    c. Not allow the victim a voice in the criminal justice process
    d. "the balanced approach."


  3. b. 5%7. The Gagnon v. Scarpelli decision governs how probation may be withdrawn from an offender. This decision created all of the following due process rules except:
    a. A written notice of the probation hearing must be given to the offender.
    b. The probationer has the right to cross-examine witnesses.
    c. The probationer has the right to legal counsel when the case is too complex for the ordinary person to comprehend the legal issues involved.
    d. The hearing is before a jury.


  4. a. 10%11. On average (national) what percentage of expenditures is for treatment services in correctional institutions?
    a. 10%
    b. 15%
    c. 20%
    d. 30%


  5. a. Compensate the victim for loss of injury.15. As advocated by Walter C. Reckless, a presentence investigation report or PSI should include all of the following information except:
    a. Administrative policies of sentences
    b. Recommendations for sentence
    c. Objective content
    d. Subjective content