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  1. a. Hard labor
  2. c. ISPs abdicate the use of rehabilitation.
  3. c. Small pox
  4. a. Unification of the Church and State
  5. b. Food deprivation is necessary to control behavior
  1. a 12. All of the following are major medical problems faced by prison and jail inmates today except:
    a. Hepatitis A and B
    b. HIV infection
    c. Small pox
    d. Tuberculosis
  2. b 17. Intensive supervised probation is a form of probation with increased supervision and control of the offender. Which of the following statements inaccurately describes this form of punishment?
    a. ISPs generally require multiple weekly contacts between the probationer and the probation officer.
    b. ISPs were first instituted by the state of Georgia in 1974.
    c. ISPs abdicate the use of rehabilitation.
    d. ISP is a punishment deemed for uncontro9llable and non-compliant probationers.
  3. c 6. Sir Thomas More refused to accept which of the following statements that resulted in his death?
    a. Unification of the Church and State
    b. Change ecclesiastical law to suit the marital desires of Henry VIII
    c. Corporal punishment prevents crime
    d. Social conditions do not cause crime
  4. d 16. Which of the following statements does not characterize the reformatory at Elmira?
    a. Increase academic education for reformation
    b. Food deprivation is necessary to control behavior
    c. A goal was to reform youths
    d. A gymnasium with modern equipment and bath facilities is advocated
  5. e 14. The early part of the 1950's posed particular discontent because of
    a. Hard labor
    b. Lack of professional leadership
    c. Substandard personnel
    d. Excessive overcrowding of institutions

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  1. 5. Which of the following statements does not describe the use or purpose of weekend confinement?
    a. It lessens the negative impact of short-term incarceration.
    b. It is available to minimum as well as maximum-security offenders.
    c. It allows the offender to retain employment while serving the sentence.
    d. It is called "doing time on the installment plan."
  2. 6. Which of the following statements best defines all contraband?
    a. Contraband can be used for escape.
    b. Contraband is anything not authorized by institutional rules.
    c. Contraband is anything the correctional officer says it is.
    d. Contraband is weapons.
  3. 18. Judicial and administrative sentencing processes share common criteria in decision-making. Which of the following is not one of them?
    a. The offender's past criminal record
    b. The use of good time
    c. Classification of the crime as aggravated, "normal," and mitigated
    d. The degree of repentance demonstrated by the offender
  4. 17. All of the following are reasons why custody concerns outweigh those of treatment in institutions except:
    a. When one of the treatment staff is sick, the position must be filled in order to maintain "minimal critical staffing."
    b. Custody issues are immediate and mandatory.
    c. Treatment staff usually only work regular "workdays" during regular hours.
    d. Custody concerns are ever-present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  5. 6. Tourniquet sentencing is:
    a. When the probation officer enhances probation requirements after the probation term begins.
    b. Specific conditions of probation reserved for drug, using offenders.
    c. An increase in supervision and program participation by the court due to non-compliance on the part of the probationer.
    d. Specific conditions for probation primarily used on high-risk offenders.

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  1. b. Retaliation fulfills a religious a religious mission2. The theological view of retaliation argues which of the following:
    a. Punishment has a specific beneficial and social consequence
    b. Retaliation fulfills a religious a religious mission
    c. Punishment resolves social discord created by the offense and re-establishes a sense of harmony through requital
    d. Guilt must be washed away through suffering inflicted by punishment


  2. b. Train staff.3. A prison warden (superintendent) is typically responsible for all of the following duties except:
    a. Deal with politicians, the media, and other administrators.
    b. Train staff.
    c. Oversee prison operations.
    d. Supervise staff.


  3. a. Make treatment the central element to probation.16. There were several events that coincided between 1975 and 1985 to create prison population boom. Which of the following is not a reason for this dramatic increase in prisoners?
    a. The War on Drugs
    b. The shift to conservative beliefs to deal with crime
    c. The creation of intermediate sanctions
    d. "baby boom" group in crime-prone age range


  4. b. Electronic monitoring terms average almost 1 year....15. Findings from the use of electronic monitoring include all of the following except:
    a. The longer the period of monitoring, the higher the odds of success.
    b. Electronic monitoring terms average almost 1 year.
    c. Success rates for electronic monitoring range from 74-86%.
    d. Offenders may be charged to lease the electronic monitoring equipment.


  5. d. 714,000 jail inmates8. The Bureau of Justice Statistics (2004) estimated that the average jail population nation-wide on any given day is approximately how many inmates?
    a. 120,000 jail inmates
    b. 267,000 jail inmates
    c. 423,000 jail inmates
    d. 714,000 jail inmates