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T/F Each voice sings a different text praising the Virgin Mary in Josquin's motet


T/F The harmony of Palestrina's Gloria from the Pope Marcellus Mass is best described as full and consonant.


t/f The text of the Gloria in Palestrina's Pope Marcellus Mass is easily understood, due largely to its syllabic nature and Palestrina's frequent use of homorhythm.


t/f Palestrina's Gloria from the Pope Marcellus Mass belongs to the Proper, the variable part of the Mass celebration.


t/f Guillaume du Fay used L'homme armé as a cantus firmus in one of his masses.


In which language is Josquin's motet text written?


t/f The Renaissance motet is monophonic texture and sung in the vernacular

Kyrie, Gloria, Credo, Sanctus, Agnus Dei

What makes up the sections of the Mass Ordinary?


cantus-firmus technique in the Renaissance is the only Gregorian chant used as the fixed melody.

Make the words more understandable

what was a recommendation of the Council of Trent regarding music for the church?


t/f Du Fay sometimes used a chant or popular song as the basis for his compositions.


t/f During the Renaissance, the Mass was recited and sung in the vernacular (the language of the people).

the virgin mary

The text of Josquin's motet Ave Maria . . . virgo serena, praises the virtues of?

imitative polyphony

The predominant texture in Josquin's motet Ave Maria . . . virgo serena is:?


t/f The Pope Marcellus Mass was written for six voice parts.

counter reformation

The Catholic Church's effort in the early sixteenth century to recapture the loyalty of its followers through a return to true Christian piety is known as the


t/f Palestrina's Pope Marcellus Mass was probably intended for a cappella performance.


t/f The text setting in Alleluia, O virga mediatrix is mostly syllabic.


t/f Hildegard's chant Alleluia, O virga mediatrix was intended for performance on a feast day for the Virgin


Hildegard was known for her historical writings about the saints


t/f The medieval motet can have a combination of sacred and secular texts.


t/f The Kyrie is not a part of the Mass

the bottom voice

Which voice in the organum carries the original chant in sustained notes?


t/f The medieval motet usually features multiple texts occurring simultaneously.


t/f Most surviving examples of Gregorian chant are anonymous.


t/f The chants of the church only used the major and minor scale patterns found in later music.

greek text

The text of the Kyrie has a:?


t/f A unique feature of Hildegard's chant is her occasional use of an upward leap of a fifth, lending an expansive feel to the music.


t/f The two main services for the Roman Catholic Church are the daily Offices and the Mass.


t/f Pérotin and Machaut are two of the main composers of the Notre Dame School


t/f The liturgy refers to the set order of services and structure of each service.


t/f Early notation used neumes, little ascending and descending signs written above the words that suggested the shape of the melodic line.


t/f Gregorian chant features regularly phrased melodic lines supported by instrumental accompaniment.

responsorial singing

Music performed with exchanges between a soloist and chorus is called:?


t/f The first type of polyphony was Gregorian chant.


t/f The texts of the Mass service that are specific to a particular feast day are called the Ordinary.

the proper

The text Alleluia, O virga mediatrix is from which portion of the Mass?

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