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An instrument that measures atmoshereic pressure


The average kinetic energy of the particles (molecules or atoms)

Atmosphereic pressure

the force of the atmosphere per unit of surface areaover which it is exerted


an instrume used to measure the temperature of substances


the transfer of thermal energy through collisions between particles in materials


The transfer of thermal energy through energy by the movement or flow of heated material from one location to another


the transfer of energy by electromagnetic waves


the scientific study of the atmoshere


The layer of atmosphere that is closest to the earths surface. Most of the earths weather takes place here


The layer of atmosphere that is located above the troposphere. It contains the ozone layer

Kinetic energy

energy due to motion


A device that has 5 prongs made of various metals, used to help visualize differences in thermal conductivity


A process where one thing is taken by another. The process results in an increase of temperature


the amount of matter in an object


The amount of space that an object takes up


the amount of mass per unit of volume for a substance


the envelope of gasses that surrounds the earth or planets

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