Conversaciones creadoras Ch 8 la salud y la enfermedad, parte 2

100 terms by thumpaholden

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These are from my notes and: Conversaciones creadoras, Brown, Joan L. & Carmen Martín Gaite, 3rd edition, Houghton Mifflin, 2006. ISBN 978-0-618-48107-1

to lose weight ...not perder peso


to lose weight ...not adelgazar

perder peso

to see (a patient); to attend to


I see (a patient); attend to


I saw (a patient); I attended to


to offer something

brindar algo

to convalesce


to recuperate


to hurt, to injure ... Not herir and not lastimar


to hurt; to injure ... Not dañar and not lastimar


to hurt; to injure ... Not dañar and no herir


I hurt; I injure ...In the present. Not dañar and not lastimar


he injured, he hurt. Yesterday. Not dañar and not lastimar


they hurt, they injured. Yesterday. Not dañar and not lastimar.


to diagnose


to hurt, to ache


it hurts me; it aches (e.g. my arm)

me duele

to gain weight ...Not aumentar el peso


to gain weight ...Not engordar.

aumentar de peso

to place in a cast ... Not ensayolar.


to place in a cast ...The Spanish word, not enyesar


to pass away, to die ...The more euphemistic word


to fracture, to break ... Not romperse and not quebrarse.


to fracture, to break ...Not fracturarse and not quebrarse.


to fracture, to break ....the Latin American word. Not romperse and not fracturarse


to hit oneself


to inject


to injure oneself, to hurt oneself


to operate on someone (translate the entire phrase)

operar a alguien de

to have an operation on or for. ...With preposition

operarse de

to suffer from... With the preposition. Not sufrir

padecer de

to suffer from ... With the preposition. Not padecer

sufrir de

to lose consciousness ... Not perder la conciencia

perder el conocimiento

to lose consciousness ... Not perder la conocimiento

perder la conciencia

to give someone a shot ... translate the entire phrase

ponerle a uno una inyección

to prescribe ... Not recetar


to prescribe ... Not prescribir


to take a deep breath

respirar hondo

to stick out one's tongue

sacar la lengua

to be nauseated

tener nauseas

to give birth

dar a luz

to be in good health

estar bien de salud

to stay in bed

guardar cama

to have plastic surgery ... Translate the entire phrase. Not using the word estética

hacerse la cirugía plástica

to have plastic surgery ... Translate the entire phrase. Not using the word plástica.

hacerse la cirugía estética

to be on a diet ... Not una dieta

seguir un régimen

to be on a diet ....Not un régimen

seguir una dieta

the group member ... In context of medical benefits

el afiliado (a)

the scalpel

el bisturí

the booth

la cabina

the stretcher, guerney

la camilla

the capsule

la cápsula

the checkup

el chequeo

the surgery

la cirugía

the office

el despacho

the diagnosis

el diagnóstico

the dose

la dosis

the drug addict

el drogadicto (a)

the stethescope

el estetoscopio

the physical examination

el examen

the pharmacy ... the word used in Latin América

la farmacia

the drugstore

la droguería

the twenty-four hour pharmacy ... Latin American term

la farmacia de turno

the twenty-four hour pharmacy ... The Spanish term

la farmacia de guardia

the form

el formulario (la forma)

the medical history .... As in, the orally transmitted version

el historial clínico

the patient chart, medical record ... As in, the written record. Not la historia clínica

la hoja clínica

the patient chart, medical record ... As in, the written record, but not la hoja clínica

la historia clínica

the contact lense

el lente de contacto

the spectacles, the eyeglasses ... Not los gafas and not los anteojos

los lentes

the spectacles, the eyeglasses. Not gafas and not los lentes

los anteojos

the spectacles, the eyeglasses ... Not los lentes and not los anteojos

las gafas

the medication

el medicamento

the medicine ... For treatment. Not la medicina

la medicación

the medicine ... For treatment. Not la medicación

la medicina

the internal medicine

la medicina interna

the crutch

la muleta

the childbirth

el parto

the prognosis

el pronóstico

the operating room ... Not la sala de operaciones

el quirófano

the operating room. ... Not el quirófano

la sala de operaciones

the reimbursement ... Not "el reembolso"

el reintegro

the reinbursement ... Not "el reintegro"

el reembolso

the wating room

la sala de espera

the recovery room

la sala de recuperación

the wheelchair

la silla de ruedas

the national, government sponsored, health system. The Latin American word.

el sistema nacional de salubridad

the national, government sponsored, health system. The Spanish word.

el sistema nacional de sanidad

the physical therapy

la terapia física

the transplant

el trasplante

the treatment ... As in, medical treatment

el tratamiento

the treatment ... As in, behavior towards someone

el trato

the Intensive Care Unit. ... The Latin American word

la Unidad de Cuidados Intensivos

I.C.U. In Latin America


the Intensive Care Unit. ... In Spain

La Unidad de Vigilancia

I.C.U. ... In Spain


the bandage... Not "el vendaje"

la venda

the bandage. ... Not "la venda"

el vendaje

the cast. ....The Spanish word. Not "la escayola"

el yeso

the cast. ... Not "el yeso"

la escayola

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