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  1. irritating
  2. honk
  3. tow
  4. retaliatory
  5. jolted
  1. a (adj) something annoying and makes you angry.
    - that kid is very ________ !!
  2. b -(adj) get revenge against someone
    - I planed __________ steps to defeat my rival.
  3. c (adj) something bumping or shocking.
    -the car accident was _____.
  4. d (verb) to pull behind another vehicle with a rope or chain
    -The car was ______ to the nearest garage after the accident.
  5. e -(verb) to make a loud sound with the car horn.
    -I'm really frazzled by the sound of cars____ing their horns.

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  1. -(verb) to cause (an object or device, such as a bell or cell phone) to make a sound to make a sound
    - She ______ a little bell.
  2. (adj)having a regular repeated pattern of sounds or movements.
    We could hear a rhythmic drumming outside
  3. -(noun) a cry of sorrow and grief
    -Considering his range and ____, it's amazing that Plant has a voice left at all.
    -(verb) emit long loud cries
  4. (adjective)causing irritation. That noise is very _________.
  5. ( verb ) - to make a low continuous humming sound like that of a bee .
    - Files were ________ing around the picnic tables .
    (noun ) -a low sound, as of many voices in conversation .
    - We heard the ________ of the bees as we walk through the garden .

5 True/False questions

  1. defective(n.) - something that causes a person to be hurt, angry, or upset.

    For example : No _____ , but I think you are mistaken.


  2. vibration(-adj) very loud and high-pitched
    --The _____ sound hurt my ears.


  3. pay a fine--pay money that you do wrong things.
    --Employers will pay a fine for each uninsured worker.


  4. screech-( verb )a piece of equipment that produces a loud, high-pitched warning sound
    a woman who is very attractive but also dangerous
    ▪ Newt imitated a police _______softly


  5. siren(verb) if a machine beeps, it makes a short high sound
    Why does the computer keep ________?


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