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  1. a a severe and sometimes fatal allergic reaction
  2. b enlargement of the lymph nodes
  3. c when the immune system forms antibodies that irritate body cells
  4. d produces lymphocytes, monocytes, acts as a resevoir for blood, and recycles RBCs.. saclike mass inth LUQ
  5. e the process of increasing resistance to a disease by artifical means ...shots!!

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  1. lymph that bathes the spaces around tissue cells
  2. HIV antibody test, ELISA, Wester blot test
  3. transport excess fluid back intothe circulatory system
  4. caused by epstein-barr virus spread by oral contact AKA kissing disease
  5. a straw colored fluid similar to plasma

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  1. RIGHT LYMPHATIC DUCTconsists of lymph, lymph nodes, vessels, thymus gland, tonsils,lymphoid tissue


  2. SYMPTOMS OF AIDSsimilar to the flu


  3. THORACIC DUCTgets lymph from the left side of the chest, head, neck, abd area and lower limbs and dumps it into the left subclavian vein.


  4. LYMPH NODESproduce lymphocytes,and filter out harmful bacteria. oval, alone or in groups along the lymph vessels


  5. AIDS RELATED COMPLEX ARCantiretroviral drugs, but they only slow it down, doesn't cure it..a virus has noooo cure!!