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Measures of Central Tendency

The statistics mean, median, & mode


The data item with the greatest frequency. (occurs most often)


The middle value when the data are in numerical order


The sum of the data divided by the total number of data items.


Another term for "mean" of data


A data item that is much higher or lower than the rest of the data


The number of times a data item occurs

Frequency Table

A chart/table that lists each data item with its frequency

Line Plot

A number line that shows x's for the frequency


A special type of bar graph used to show frequency of data

Stem-and-Leaf Plot

Shows data items in order


The difference between the greatest and least values in a set of data

Box-N-Whiskers Plot

Shows the distribution of data on a number line


Values that divide the data into two equal parts

Scatter Plot

Related data from two different sets is graphed as points

Trend Line

A line that closely fits the data points in a scatter plot

Positive Trend

As one set of values increases, the other set tends to increase

Negative Trend

As one set of values increases, the other set tends to decrease

No trend

The two values do not have a relationship

Bar Graph

A graph used when comparing amounts


Another name for a "key", used for graphing

Line Graph

A graph used to show changes over time

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