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Business Chapter 8 (4/4)

Project Organization
A company suing a fixed-position layout because it is typically involved in large, complex projects such as a construction or exploration.
The buying of all the materials needed by the organization; also called procurement.
Quality Control
The processes an organization uses to maintain its established quality standards.
The sequence of operations through which the product must pass.
The assignment of required tasks to departments or even specific machines, workers, or teams.
The making of identical interchangeable components or products.
Statistical Process Control
A system in which a management collects and analyzes information about the production process to pinpoint quality problems in the production system.
Supply Chain Management
Connecting and integrating all parties or members of the distribution system in order to satisfy customers.
Total Quality Management (TQM)
A philosophy that uniform commitment to quality in all areas of an organization will promote a culture that meets customers' perceptions of quality.