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Valve on main deck is missing a label. It is 15 feet aft of frame 300 in the sieve. Frame spacing is 18 inches. Valve is the fourth valve from center on the port side. What is its location?
Angle of heel
Semi-permanent angle of inclination due to external forces
External forces
Cause(s) heel
6 types of biological agents
Line source/aerosol,
Point source/artillery,
Multiple source/bomblets
3 methods of dissemination for chemical and biological warfare agents
True of False: Pen-and-ink changes are authorized on CCOLs
Master hard copies,
Backup disk
Version(s) of CCOLs DCA maintains
DC book,
CCOL database
2 places are CCOLs maintained
Approves all changes to CCOLs
Stop breathing,
Don mask,
Clean with RSDL
3 steps to self aid for chemical agents
Don masks,
Sound alarm,
Move victims to decon station,
Alert medical
4 steps to help others against chemical agents before continuing with mission
1 atropine auto injector,
Wait 15 minutes,
2 more atropine if needed
Self aid for chemical nerve agent exposure
3 atropine auto injectors
Buddy aid for chemical nerve agent exposure
Condition II DC
Allows an increase in casualty response without affecting tactical watch stations
Flying squad can't contain casualty alone,
Ship's survivability in question,
More than one space affected
3 criteria for setting Condition II DC
NTTP 3-20.31
Governing reference for Condition II DC
Restricted access,
Installed ventilation won't remove contaminants,
Not intended for entry on regular basis
3 characteristics of confined spaces
Double bottoms,
Interior machinery spaces,
Non-ventilated storerooms,
Vent & exhaust ducts,
Chain locker
Several examples of confined spaces
Zero or negative metacentric height,
Listing to danger angle,
Floodable length exceeded,
Damage with bad weather
4 causes of critical stability
Eliminate free surface/free communication effect,
Add weight low
2 ways to counteract negative metacentric height
Find out why,
Improve metacentric height,
Add or shift weight
3 steps to counteract danger angle list
Set flood boundaries,
Maintain watertight integrity
3 steps to counteract exceeding floodable length
Floodable length
How much length can be symmetrically and consecutively flooded without submerging margin line
Margin line
Imaginary line 3 inches below lowest watertight deck
Distributed stowage
Concept of spreading equipment throughout ship to avoid confusion and losing all equipment in one hit during battle
Prevent and control damage,
Maintain watertight integrity,
Lead DC organization,
Outfit and train DCRS,
Ensure proper material condition,
Gas free engineering,
Liquid load & draft report
Multiple DCA responsibilities
DC book,
DC plates,
Battle orders,
Battle organization,
Sounding and security,
Docking plan,
Liquid load instruction,
Tank capacities
Multiple documents required in DCA library
Within 72 hours of reporting,
Every 6 months
EEBD/egress training requirements
Approves and designates DCPOs based on DCA certification
Certifies DCPOs for approval/designation by XO
3M Maintenance Man PQS,
Basic DC PQS,
Craftsman PQS,
Certified by DCA,
Designated by XO
4 PQS and additional requirements for DCPOs
Know and train DC/FF/CBRN,
Maintain CCOL and material condition in division spaces,
Set/sign Yoke,
Weigh/inspect/test/label DC equipment,
Assist DIVO with space inspection PMS,
Conduct DCPO PMS
Multiple responsibilities of DCPO
Safety precautions,
Buddy rule,
PPE/respiratory equipment,
Rescue plan,
Required periodic testing
Multiple items in comments section of GFE certificate
Temperature decrease on adjacent bulkhead,
White smoke visible,
Visual extinguishment in space porthole
3 indications of Halon good
15 minutes
Time for both Halon soak and ventilation
2 minutes
AFFF bilge sprinkling time prior to main space reentry
Each take separate readings,
Inform contractor of findings,
Inform contractor he maintains legal obligation fire safety of his people
3 steps for working with civilians to gas free and with in same space
Electrical isolation in progress,
Mechanical isolation complete,
Boundaries established,
Backup hose team manned and ready
4 criteria prior to attack team reentry into main space when Halon bad
Oxygen <19.5% or >22%,
Flammable vapor >10% LEL,
Toxicants above PEL
3 criteria of an IDLH space (any one of these)
Notify CO
4 immediate actions upon determining a space is IDLH
Extent of fire,
Agent to be used,
Method of attack,
Required PPE
4 things the on scene leader decides in a fire
Control the fire party via the team leader,
Establish communications with locker
2 functions the on scene leader serves in a fire
Maximum dosage the CO will allow in a radiological environment
Maximum permissible exposure,
150 Rads
Standard level of MPE,
CO can adjust
Type of radiation on which MPE is based
Assist in training/drilling,
Monitor Basic First Aid PQS,
Maintain communications with BDS,
Establish safe route to medical
4 things DCA does for personnel casualties
NSTM 077
Publication for personnel protective equipment
Only radiation type detected by IM-265/PDQ Radiac
0 to 1,000 mR/hr,
0 to 1,000 R/hr
Detection range of IM-265/PDQ Radiac
36 months
Calibration periodicity of IM-256/PDQ Radiac
DT-680 Probe
Required to detect Beta radiation with IM-265/PDQ Radiac
2 types of radiation detected by IM-270/PD dosimeter
10 to 1,000 Rads
Detection range of IM-270/PD dosimeter
8 years
Calibration periodicity of IM-270/PD dosimeter
Issue 10 certificates,
Or issue 5 certificates under instruction,
Or written/oral/practical exam,
CPR verification
3 options and 1 absolute for annual recertification for GFE personnel
Space floods,
2 hazards of operating installed drainage
Eductor misaligned,
Degraded check valve
2 possible causes for flooding space when operating installed drainage
Ventilation secured in space,
Eductor operating without liquid in bilge/sucking air instead
2 possible causes for asphyxiation hazard while operating installed drainage
30 minutes,
Or cool to the touch
2 wait time criteria for securing fire watch
Ventilation until clear,
Labels restored and visible,
Respirators cleaned,
HAZMAT disposed/returned,
Space gas freed 10 minutes after ventilation shutdown
5 requirements after spray painting a space
Center of gravity,
Center of buoyancy,
4 stability reference points, top to bottom
Metacentric height/GM,
Metacentric radius/BM,
Height of metacenter/KM,
Height of gravity/KG
4 stability measurements
Team leader,
3 members of radiological survey team
Survey form,
Marking kit
5 things a radiological survey team would take with them
Address shortfalls,
Inform relief of immediate trouble areas,
Major program discrepancies
4 items that would be in a DCA turnover letter