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act on

do whatever is advised/suggested

act up

behave awkwardly or badly

answer (sb) back

speak rudely to sb

answer back

defend oneself

answer for

be responsible for sth/pay for sth/vouch for

answer to

be under the command of sb/have the
characteristics described

back down

cease to oppose

back out of

withdraw from

back up


be beneath sb

be demeaning

be down on

be hostile to sb

be down with

be ill (with disease)

be in for it

be about to receive punishment/trouble

be in with

be in favour with

be into

(informal) take an interest in sth

be off

(1) cease to want or be interested in sth, (2) have
come loose, detached from sth, (3) stay away from
work/school, (4) cancel, (5) be bad, unhealthy (usu food)

be on

be shown on television, at the cinema etc

be out

(1) be in bloom, (2) be extinguished, (3) be removed,
(4) be absent (from home or work), (5) be wrong in
calculation, (6) be unfashionable

be up to

(1) do, (2) depend on

bear on

be relevant to

bear with

be patient,: Please bear with the delay.

balance against

assess in relation to

bank on

depend on

bear out

support the truth of

become of

happen to

blink at

show surprise

blow over

stop and be forgotten

blow up


book up


break away

escape from captivity

break down

(1) fail to function, (2) lose control of feelings

break in

(1) interrupt, (2) enter a building by force

break into

suddenly start doing sth

break off

end sth suddenly

break out

(1) start suddenly (of violent events), (2) escape
from a place

break through

(1) make a discovery, (2) become visible
(3) achieve success despite obstacles or difficulties

break up

(1) end a relationship, (2) disperse

break with

give up sth

brush up

improve (by study)

build up

acquire gradually/accumulate

bring about


bring in

introduce (law, idea)

bring off

succeed in (sth difficult)

bring on

cause an illness

bring out


bring round/to

cause sb to regain consciousness

bring up

(1) stop, (2) mention a subject, (3) vomit, (4) raise
a child

call at

visit briefly

call off


call back

ask to return

call for


call in


call out

cause one to go on strike

call up


carry off

succeed in doing sth difficult

carry on

(1) continue, (2) behave wildly

carry out

fulfil or perform sth

carry over

last from another time

carry through

complete sth in spite of difficulties

catch on

become popular

catch up

reach sb who is ahead

chip in

add one's share of money

clear of

find innocent

clear off

run away

clear out

get rid of unwanted things

clear up

(of the weather) brighten up

charge to

bill sb

charge with

publicly accuse sb of committing a wrong deed

be done for

be ruined

come about


come across

find sth or meet sb by chance

come by

obtain sth

come down to

be passed to sb

come forward

step forward

come in

become fashionable

come into


come on


come out

(1) become known, (2) be published

come out in


come over

happen; have a result or effect on sb

come round to

change one's opinion to another point of
view; be persuaded

come round/to

regain consciousness

come through

continue to live after (sth bod]

come to

amount to a total

come up


come up to

reach, equal sth

come up with

have an idea about a way to solve a problem

deal in

trade in sth

deal with

tackle a problem; cope with

do away with


do down


do out of

deprive of

do up

fasten (a coat etc)

do with

need/would like

do without

manage in spite of lack

drive at

imply, suggest

go off


get along/on

be on friendly terms with

get at


get at sb

criticise, tease in an unkind way

get away with

escape punishment

get by

manage despite difficulties

get sb down

depress sb

get off


get off with

nearly escape punishment

get on

make progress

get on with

continue doing sth

get out of


get over

recover from

get round


get round to

find time

get through

contact by phone

get up to

be busy with sth surprising or undesirable

give [oneself up


give away

(1) reveal, (2) give freely as a present

give in

(1) deliver, yield

give off

send out/emit

give out

(1) come to an end, (2) announce, (3) distribute

give up

(1) stop doing sth, (2) admit defeat

give oneself up


hype up

exaggerate the value of sth

She cheated her aged aunt out of her fortune

prevent sb from having sth usu in an unfair way

check in

register as a guest at a hotel

check out

pay one's bill and leave a hotel

check up on

investigate sb's behaviour etc

cut back

reduce (outgoings)

cut down on

reduce (consumption)

cut in

interrupt sth

cut off

(1) isolate, (2) disconnect

cut out


In October the nights start drawing in

shorten (of days)

I drew on my savings to pay for the repairs

use part of a reserve

draw out


draw up

come to a stop (of vehicles)

drop in

visit unexpectedly

drop off


drop out of

withdraw from

John's university fees have been eating into our savings.

consume a part of sth

fall back


She has no relatives to fall back on

turn to sth/sb for help when all else has failed

fall for

fall in love with sb

fall in


he was happy to fall in with her plans

agree to

fall off


fall on


fall out with


The studio planned to make a movie of the book but the deal fell through.

fail to take place

feel for


fit in

mix well with others

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