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Exploring Race and Ethnicity Prejudice Immigration question review

Which term is used to refer to a subordinate group whose members have significantly less control or power over their own lives than the members of the dominant group have over theirs?

Minority Group

The sociological concept of minority can be described as a:

group that experiences limitations and barriers to life's opportunities

Which of the following is considered a racial group?

A) Puerto Ricans
B) Jews
C) African Americans
D) all of these

all of these

The U.S. has used skin color as the standard for race designation with:

two categories: Black and White

Ethnicity refers to:

Cultural differences

African american sociologist W.E.B. DuBois said in 1900 that the century's major problem would be:

the color-line

The concept of race is:

socially constructed

Research shows that the differences in intelligence scores between Blacks and Whites are almost eliminated when:

adjustments are made for social and economic characteristics

When belief in the inheritance of behavior patterns is coupled with the feeling that certain groups are inherently superior to others, it is called:


Which of the following perspectives on race and ethnicity tends to emphasize group tensions between the priveleged and the exploited?


The forced deportation of people, accompanied by systematic violence is:

Ethnic cleansing

Ethnocentrism is:

the tendency to assume one's culture is superior to all others

The exploitation theory explains:

the basis of racial discrimination in the United states

Sterotyping is related to self-fulfilling prophecy in that:

A) it fosters a negative racial climate
B) people are aware of the negative images others have of them
C) it affects how people interact with one another
D) all of these

all of these

The Hate Crime Statistics Act:

directs the Department of Justice to gather data on hate or bias crimes

Prejudice is:

negative attitude, not behavior

Which of the following is an ethnophaulism?

The personnel manager told the applicant that she had excellent work experience for a woman

The process of denying certain opportunities and equal rights or privileges to individuals and groups is known as:


Reluctant liberals are those who:

discriminate if there is social pressure to do so

A) involves prejudice people believing they are societies victims
B) transfers the guilt to some vulnerable group
C) lead to mass extermination of German Jews during World War II
D) all of these

all of these

All of the following are characteristics of an authorian personality except:
A) aggression against non-conformists
B) concern with power and toughness
C) advherence to conventional values
D) disrespect for authority

disrespect for authority

The contact hypothesis states that intergroup contact between people of equal status in noncompetitive circumstances will reduce prejudice. This is part of the:

interactionist perspective

The most important force causing people to emigrate has been:


Fear or hatred of strangers is:


The term nativism refers to:

tending to favor one's own people over new arrivals

Sinophobes are people with:

a fear of anything associated with China

A primary goal of the 1965 Immigration and Naturalization Act was to:

reunite immigrant families

Which term refers to the immigration to the United States of skilled workers, professionals, and technicians who are desperately needed by their home countries?

Brain Drain

The perspective most likely to see the brain drain as a symptom of the unequal distribution of world rescources is:


The Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986:

prohibited hiring illegal aliens

Based on the 1996 Illegal Immigration Reform and Responsibility Act:

for now, legal immigrants are entitled to welfare and social security benefits

From a _____perspective, by paying low wages to illegal immigrants, employers are able to produce goods and services that are profitable and affordable.


A new immigrant who sponsors several other immigrants who, on their arrival, may sponsor still more is:

chain immigration

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