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Even before Martin Luther King Jr., won the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964, his ________________ had spread throughout most of the world.


The Scottish poet Robert Burns reminds us that no matter how carefully we plan, things may still go ______________.


As the jurors filed back into the courtroom, their stern _____________ alarmed the defendants.


Shoes that will not ____________ your feet are the most important part of the equipment you will need for a hike.


The couple's parents promised that they would not be the kind of meddling in-laws who ______________ on the privacy of their married children.


When his efforts to __________ off the angry bill collectors proved unsuccessful, my uncle was forced to declare bankruptcy.


It is up to you to make good use of the talents with which nature has seen fit to _______________ you.


The brave soldiers defending the fort ________________ only when they realize that further resistance was useless.


Even though you are ___________________ because the candidate you favored did not win the nomination, you should still vote in the election.


In your answers, try to limit yourself to giving us only the details that you know are _________________ to this investigation.


Do you believe that the crime rate will go down if the _____________ code is made more severe?


We were amazed that the large, fierce-looking dog allowed the child to pull its tail with ______________.


Some people have a decidedly unpleasant habit of using facts and figures like a(n) _______________ to beat down their opponents in an arguement.


To carry out his great work, he chose to separate himself from society and live the solitary life of a(n) _______________.


Let us hope that scientists are wrong in their __________ predictions that there will be a major earthquake in our region.


True, I wanted to make some money, but my ____________________ reason for taking the job was that I needed practical work experience.


Sideshow exhibits at the circus usually include mermaids, wolf-men, and other so-called _________________ of nature.


We were prepared to make an angry complaint to the salesclerk, but her ___________________ manner soon put us in a friendlier mood.


There's an old saying which tells us that if you walk like a duck and talk like a duck people are ____________ to take you for a duck.


In my opinion, the countryside is _______________ by billboards that block our view of the beauties of nature.

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