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a formal action or declaration taken by a special convention


to withdraw from; to leave


placing local or regional interest above national ones


to induct into office with a formal ceremony


place of Georgia's secession convention in 1861

November 1860

Presidential election where Lincoln was elected

December 1860

South Carolina seceded

January 1861

Georgia's secession convention held in Milledgeville where Georgia did secede

March 1861

Lincoln's inauguration


nominated by southern democrats to run for president; was from Kentucky


represented the Republican party; elected President, from Illinois

Joseph Brown

Georgia governor who wrote letter to Georgian's urging them to secede


ran for president and backed by the northern democrats


ran for president against Lincoln. political party was called the Constitutional union

Governor Brown's open letter to Georgians

December 7, 1860...telling Georgians they needed to secede from the union. He predicted that slavery would be abolished and he felt South Carolina was about to secede and Georgia would have no choice but to follow them

Georgia's Ordinance of Secession

Proclaimed three things: Ratification of the constitution was repealed; Georgia's membership in the union was dissolved; Georgia would enjoy all the freedoms and rights of a free nation

Georgia's Declaration of Causes of Secession

Jan 29, 1861. Georgia was seceding because Lincoln's election meant a victory to abolitionists and the end of slavery. It meant that black and white races would be equal and a disregard for constitutional guarantees.

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